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Postponement of All Sporting and Youth Development Activities in South Castries

IN light of the recent developments regarding COVID-19, the South Castries Youth and Sports Council (SCYSC) has decided to suspend all sporting and youth development activities within South Castries. The Easter Basketball Camp which was geared towards revitalizing the interest in Basketball and developing the skills of youth within South Castries, will be pushed to the summer providing that the effects of COVID 19 has diminished. It is with immense regret that this program will not be rolled out as previously scheduled, but we believe the safety of our young people must take precedence at this time.

Our other Youth Month Activity “Escape to Mahga (The Forbidden)” will also be postponed. This Spoken Word showcase was intended to provide a platform for young artists to share their work with each other and receive valuable information which would serve to aid in their further development.

Once again we hope that the youth of South Castries and by extension the youth of St Lucia, remain safe during this pandemic, . We would like to advise that our youth practice consistent washing of hands, as it has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of limiting the spreading of the virus. Take all necessary precautions to remain COVID free.

Robert Rene

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