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Octogenarian Still Missing

By Voice Reporter

CLETUS Hippolyte, popularly known as ‘Banana Split’, an 83-year-old resident of Gros Islet, went missing on September 27th. The whereabouts of Cletus Hippolyte are still unknown although recent developments surfaced on Monday October 14th when the arrest of a female was made in connection to his disappearance.

Prior to that arrest, a male individual claiming to possess information of Hippolyte’s location, contacted the family of Hippolyte via telephone and expressed his willingness to help them find him. The individual then proceeded to request various items from the family including a mobile phone and fuel for a boat, and asked that the items be dropped off at a certain location. The family, which was eager to find Hippolyte, acceded to the caller’s requests. A tracker on the mobile phone led police to Soufriere where a young lady in possession of the said mobile phone was arrested. The family has expressed their gratitude to the police for their continued efforts in this matter.

According to relatives of Hippolyte, this is the first time Hippolyte has gone missing. He has worked as a business man locally for many years, is a father and grandfather who is described as being ‘sharp-minded’ and ‘able-bodied’ for his age. The family of the missing man has been adamant in their search for Hippolyte, hopeful that he will turn up alive and well. He was last seen in the vicinity of Gros Islet where he resides. The family continues to appeal to members of the public to report to the nearest Police Station with any information leading to the discovery of Cletus Hippolyte.

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