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NALIP Launches Book Review Competition

THE National Association of Libraries and Information Professionals (NALIP) has launched its inaugural Book Review Competition. This competition aims to encourage students to read and to also develop writing, comprehension and analytical skills.

Two novels: “Green days by the River,” by Michael Anthony, and “Miguel Street” by V.S. Naipaul both of which are considered classics of Caribbean literature have been selected for this competition. These novels also form part of the CXC Curriculum for English and are being studied at the following schools:

Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School
Corinth Secondary School
Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School
Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School

Students from 12-16 years of age are required to write a review of 350-400 words based on either novel. Reviews must be the work of students.

Each entry should include student’s name, school and form, and should be submitted through their respective school principal on or before October 31st, 2019.

The National Association of Libraries and Information Professionals (NALIP) has partnered with Digicel and Computer World to award the lucky winners with prizes which include tablets and kindles.

If any further information is required about this activity, please contact the Marchand Public Library, the Monchy Public Library, or the Central Library.

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