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Hylyne CGL – The Healthier Choice

Preserving the day’s production.

HYLYNE Poultry commenced operations 15 years ago in Mon Du Don, Castries. The small start-up quickly became a household name because of its fresh, wholesome local chicken. In 2019, Hylyne Poultry together with Caribbean Grains Limited joined to relaunch the brand, now known as Hylyne CGL Ltd. Caribbean Grains, known locally and in the OECS for their high quality animal feed and premium flour, brought expertise in poultry farming and processing to further enhance the Hylyne CGL brand.

Hylyne CGL now offers the people of St Lucia a healthier option, with their hormone free, antibiotic free, all natural, 100% St Lucian and Halaal certified poultry cuts. The company adheres to E.U. standards in growing their broilers. Now customers can decide on which cuts are most preferred in their family, visit the plant at Mon Du Don, Castries and get chicken at the most affordable prices on island. Hylyne CGL also supplies major supermarket chains like Glace Supermarket and Massy Stores.

The company boasts of its products being 100% St Lucian, with eggs being hatched locally, broilers reared by St Lucian farmers with processing operations continuing in Mon Du Don, Castries. With the investments made by Caribbean Grains, 30 farmers have been put into production, capacity of the local hatchery has increased and more than 50 auxiliary workers have received stable employment.

Purchasing antibiotic-free poultry is one major contribution one can make towards ensuring the safety of St Lucia’s food supply and keeps your family healthy. Halaal certification places a great emphasis on food safety and hygiene. The certification requires that animals be reared in natural and clean conditions which will encourage a disease-free environment and this ensures that the meat is less prone to contamination. Hylyne CGL is the first in the OECS to offer these premium products which meet these international standards.

If you would like more information on Hylyne CGL’s wide range of products and prices, feel free to email them at or call 1(758) 453-1422.

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