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Record $120,000 for Cerebral Palsy

Image: This year saw a record amount of funds being raised as part of Club Gar’s annual Walk 4 A Cause.

The closing ceremony for the Club GAR Digicel Walk 4 A Cause 2019 was held last Thursday June 13th at the JQ Audi Building at Choc. Each year Club GAR identifies new charities to support and works to raise awareness and funds for the chosen cause, culminating with a four mile walk. This year’s Walk was held on May26th, commencing at the Vigie Roundabout and ending at the Club GAR range at Bois d’Orange.

Brad Lorde the 2019 Cause Captain was very pleased with the support from the commercial sector, and expressed, “the response from the business houses was even better this year. They all knew of the Walk and were very willing to come on board to support in many different ways, all of which contributed to the support for the Cause and the most enjoyable Walk held to date.”

Image: This year saw a record amount of funds being raised as part of Club Gar’s annual Walk 4 A Cause.
This year saw a record amount of funds being raised as part of Club Gar’s annual Walk 4 A Cause.

The 2019 Walk included a wide array of raffle prizes, giveaways from sponsors, smoothie and coffee stations and an exciting after walk entertainment lineup. The highlight of the entertainment was the Soca Fit warm down with Clinton and Crew which had everyone dancing and celebrating the successful completion of the Walk.

There were two trophies presented by Guardsman Managing Director Jeanine Henry to the winning Law Enforcement Team and the winning Gym Team. The Law Enforcement prize was won by the RSLPF who yet again beat the Cadet Corps and the security companies and have remained undefeated over the six years of the Walk. The Gym Team trophy was won this year by Cross Fit 758 who edged out last year’s winners and close rivals Boot Camp.

At the Closing Ceremony the amount announced as being raised was $116,000.00. One of the attendees who accompanied a raffle winner spontaneously interrupted the proceedings and asked that the amount be changed to $120,000.00. Ty Roberts, who is a supporter of Club Gar and the Walk, donated $4000.00 to the Cause, explaining that he had a niece who was afflicted with the condition and therefore felt a close connection with the families caring for persons with CP. Anthony Bristol, Founder of the Walk expressed his appreciation for the contribution of Roberts; “the Walk shows every year what we St Lucians can achieve and every year it brings out the very best of our community as this special donation shows.”

The funds from this year’s Walk will be paid directly to the Child Development & Guidance Center (CDGC), and to the Cerebral Palsy Association. Ninety Six Thousand will be paid to CDGC, $72,000.00 for CDGC CP equipment and therapists and $24,000.00 for programmes to support and train parents of CP children in income generating activities. The other $24,000.00 will be paid to the Cerebral Palsy Association to aid in the continuance of its direct support for the families and children living with the condition.

One of the team members of CDGC, Elaine Clement, received special recognition at the Closing Ceremony. Club Gar President Gordon Charles confirmed the appointment of Elaine as the second inductee to the Club Gar Hall of Heroes. “This award is not one that is planned but one that may be considered based on the identification of someone related to the Cause who has gone above and beyond to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of St Lucians. Elaine is an incredible human being. She has dedicated her professional life to serving some of the most vulnerable children in St Lucia. With exceptional warmth and kindness, she is able to offer hope to parents and offer expert support to them and their children.”

Jamisha Wright, of title partner Digicel expressed her joy at the outcome of this year’s Walk. “Congrats to Club Gar, Anthony and the entire team,” she said. “We are very pleased to be partners with Club Gar and look forward to working even closer with them in the future.”

Brad Lorde in giving the vote of thanks brought the proceedings and the Walk to a close.

“We would like to thank all who made this possible,” he said. “The Club Gar Team, the title partner and all other sponsors, the many volunteers, all those involved in providing care to persons with CP, the CP ambassadors who we met and most importantly the individual St Lucians who supported the Walk and made it a success.”

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