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Mayor Reiterates Concern Over Improper Disposal Of Fatty Waste

Image fat, oil, and grease in a drain.

The Mayor of Castries, His Worship Peterson D. Francis has renewed calls for the proper disposal of fatty waste.

Mayor Francis, in highlighting the magnitude of the problem, explained that the improper disposal of fats clogs the drains within the city.

Image fat, oil, and grease in a drain.
The Mayor of Castries is imploring the public to avoid putting fats, oil, and grease, down the drains.

“We need to continue encouraging businesses to assist in the reduction of pollution and flooding by not putting fat, oil and grease down the drains. This problem is a big one and whether it is from a health or environmental perspective, food establishments need to take full responsibility or face the law where that matter is concerned”, said Mayor Francis.

He said that waste fats which are quite visible from some restaurants create problems for an already compromised city drainage system.

“There have been many complaints ranging from blockage of the drains to the stench coming from those drains. We are now putting food establishments on notice that we will use the law to ensure that the practice does not continue”, explained Mayor Francis.

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