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Leon Cornwall To Preach at Gros Islet Wednesday and Thursday Nights

Former Grenada revolutionary turned preacher Leon Cornwall will address two open-air services of the Methodist Church in Gros Islet tomorrow and Thursday nights.

Cornwall is one of three overseas preachers who are in St. Lucia for the Church’s Homecoming, a month of activities designed to celebrate the heritage of the Methodist Church in St. Lucia and bring members back to the fold.

Cornwall was very active in The Methodist Church in Grenada when the New Jewel Movement seized power in a 1979 coup that ousted Prime Minister Eric Gairy from power and installed a leftist government under Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

He served in the Peoples’ Revolutionary Government (PRG) until disagreement between rival factions ended violently in October 1983 when Bishop and several others were murdered by their colleagues.

Cornwall and 16 others were sentenced to life imprisonment for their part in the murders, but in 1991 their sentences were commuted to natural life and they were released in 2009 after serving 25 years.

After his release, Cornwall underwent a spiritual transformation, repented for his crime and became a lay preacher in the Methodist Church. He now has a powerful testimony which he wants to share about the forgiveness of God and salvation.

Tomorrow’s and Thursday night’s services will take place next to Noel’s Garage on the Beausejour Road in Gros Islet and start at 7:00 p.m. nightly. The public is invited to come and hear Cornwall, in his own words, testify how God changed his life and used him for the good.


  1. St.Lucia needs more and more of this type of movement – Prayer
    and knowledge in the Word of the Lord. That alone is not enough
    but what is necessary, is that one must reflect on what has happened
    to our once beloved Island in the last few years.
    It is my opinion that some of the bigger congregations should swallow
    their pride, loosen up, and encourage their members to go listen to what
    this man has to say at a time such as this. I further encourage you to
    be still, and pray (choose a silent place and moment) pray first before
    you venture out, to work, to Church or to any other activity, the Lord God
    is every where.
    As a young teenager I attended the Methodist School, adjacent to the
    Church,teacher Alex was our teacher before becoming school Mistress.
    The singing of the traditional Hymns before Classes was a norm, loved it
    and to this day, remembering the blessings we received from the prayers
    and Hymns instilled in us. My family and I have been blessed. now God
    is calling St.Lucia to come back home to the blessings once enjoyed, and
    to defeat the works of the enemy that has blighted this nation in the last few years. Take back your Country,for with God, all things are possible.

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