250 Kids At TOCO Party In Micoud

Image of Toco’s Micoud party gifts

ON the heels of the staging of a successful Saint Lucia Longboard Competition, TOCO Foundation pulled off its 2016 community Christmas party last Friday with approximately 250 children in attendance.

The party was the outcome of a partnership between TOCO Foundation and Parliamentary Representative for Micoud, Gale Rigobert.

Image of Toco’s Micoud party gifts
Toco’s Micoud party gifts

Organisers of the annual community Christmas party, TOCO Foundation’s Taj and Angela Weekes, have been hosting the event annually, around the island, for the last four years. The objective is to ensure that less fortunate children are included in the joy and good cheer of the Christmas season.

The Weekes’ leverage their business and social relationships within corporate America and Saint Lucia, by means of toy and clothing drives, and other forms of facilitation over a one year period. Local partners supporting the event were FLOW, HTS and Trevor Philip Agencies and the Ministry of Health.

Consistent with TOCO’s long term plans to promote and support competitive longboarding as a sport in Saint Lucia, the menu of gifts distributed in Micoud included skateboards and hover boards. Other gifts took the form of scooters, remote control cars, soccer balls, dolls and brand new clothing, shoes and children’s fashion accessories.

They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO) is a U.S. based, not-for profit organization with a mission to raise awareness and address the issues that affect Caribbean youth through comprehensive projects and initiatives on every island in the Caribbean. TOCO’s projects range from after school sports programmes, a diabetes awareness initiative, a Volunteer driven Spay-Neuter programme, a domestic violence awareness campaign, and artistic programmes.

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