The Speed Is Not Enough

IT was surprising to watch the televised obituaries a few days ago, partly because there seemed no pause between one deceased person’s information before the next obituary started. While it was useful to have the obituaries shown in quick succession, it seemed too quick, even jarring to the senses. Definitely disrespectful to the dearly departed! Although the local TV station could be forgiven for shaving the time between successive obituaries, it raises the issue of appropriate speed. Specifically, when is speed not enough, and other factors should affect the display of information.

Alzheimer’s – Its Impact On Women

Q: REGINA, tell me, how many people in St. Lucia actually have Alzheimer’s or this dementia? A: I do not know. However there was a prevalence study in 2010 that had a projected calculation in 2013 of approximately over 1600 persons in St Lucia were living with dementia. This is just counting persons over 65 years of age. This is not including people younger than 65 that are living with the condition or people that are not diagnosed and yet living with the condition.

Ruby Baptiste – A Ruby Among Gems

Image of Ruby Baptiste

THERE are many difficult jobs in this world, and the list is seemingly never-ending; however, I think it is inarguable to say that looking after tiny tots is one of the toughest jobs there is. Today’s FITC, Ruby Baptiste is the Administrator of the Ciceron Daycare Centre and has been for just over one year; however, she almost let fear stop her from grabbing the opportunity to do what she loves.

‘Pearl’ To Transform The South

Image: Sod turning: Chairman of DSH Caribbean Star Ltd and China Horse Club, Mr. Teo Ah Khing, Prince Harry and Prime Minister Chastanet break ground for the project.

SAINT LUCIA is poised for significant advances in its tourism product and business environment thanks to the “Pearl of the Caribbean” project which is expected to commence construction in 2017. The southern-based project, estimated to cost about US$2.6 billion, is a fully integrated equestrian oriented development which will encompass the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club and its expected world class horse racing, and related entertainment, leisure and accommodation amenities.