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TEPA And The Department For LGCCI Host Presentation On Sound Diplomacy Report

Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) in collaboration with the Department for Local Government Culture and Creative Industries will host a presentation of the final report on the consultancy: Saint Lucia Music Industry Export Assessment Development at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort this Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

The presentation will be made by consultants “Sound Diplomacy” on the findings of the project and the proposed way forward for the Industry.

In 2015, TEPA contracted Sound Diplomacy to assess St Lucia’s current music industry to obtain an economic snapshot of the sector. This snapshot among other things would allow for the development of a music export strategy that would guide TEPA and relevant stakeholders towards the development of the music industry. The consultants were also charged with strengthening the competencies of TEPA in working with artistes and music industry practitioners and Investigating opportunities for Saint Lucia Music in Government Identified priority markets.

TEPA CEO, Jacqueline Emmanuel-Flood, said: “Saint Lucia has a long history of talent and accomplishment within the music industry. This talent is fostered primarily by the love of the artists for their craft. We have long heard of the struggles of these practitioners to be adequately compensated for their work and this project, in a nutshell, is a roadmap to develop the industry and get them their dues.”

Sound Diplomacy’s Managing Director and lead consultant, Shain Shapiro, said: “When TEPA approached us to take on this consultancy, we had no idea what a ride we were in for. We met with many stakeholders, from musicians to sound engineers to event organisers and government officials, each with their own story and set of goals. It was our job to assess these individual goals and gel them into a strategy which would allow everybody to achieve their objectives in an efficient and effective way that would grow the industry, benefit the island and share St Lucia’s music with the rest of the world.”

TEPA continues to work practitioners within the sector and intends to implement the recommended strategy to ensure that the development of this industry moves from paper to fruition.

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