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Gas Gone Up … Again!

The Government of Saint Lucia has announced the fuel price adjustments, effective September 12th – October 2nd, 2016. These changes reflect developments in international oil prices over the past three weeks, August 15 to September 4, 2016.

Under the three-week market pass-through system, domestic fuel prices were last changed effective August 22, 2016. The retail prices of gasoline and diesel increased, however, the retail prices of all LPG products decreased.

The retail prices of gasoline and diesel increased by $0.77 and $0.48 per imperial gallon respectively. However, the prices of the 20lb., 22lb., and 100lb. LPG products fell by $0.43, $0.46, $4.24 per cylinder respectively while the price of the bulk LPG declined by $0.10 per pound. The retail price of kerosene remained unchanged at $6.39 per imperial gallon.

prices-sept-12-1 prices-sept-12-2

The next price change is scheduled to take effect on Monday, October 03rd , 2016.


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