Chastanet Leads Soufriere Tour

A government team headed by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet will tour Soufriere today. It will be the first in a number of strategic constituency tours that the new St Lucian leader hopes to undertake in the short to medium term.

The Prime Minister will be accompanied by parliamentary representative and Minister in the Ministry for Economic Development, Housing, and Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation Herod Stanislas and other Cabinet colleagues.

Among the highlights of the tour, the Prime Minister will visit the Soufriere Hospital, the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School, the Hummingbird Beach Resort, the now defunct copra factory.

This first hand assessment of key concerns impacting Soufriere signals the government’s commitment to systematically address several issues which have beleaguered the signaturetown for an extended period of time, a statement from the Prime Minister’s office yesterday said.

It said today’s tour was in keeping with the Prime Minister’s pledge to develop the southern quadrant of the island, consistent with the Constituency without Borders concept.


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  3. Why is there not much more than a visit to the copra factory. The Minister of Agriculture has a lot to do.

    One would have expected some strategic objective of transforming the factory into a more value-added type of production operation, say, the production of coconut milk for export. That would be either in powdered form, or in liquid form under a locally created brand.

    If there was copra there were coconuts to be converted. The export market for coconut products is huge. But this can be leveraged only if inroads can be made in the production of the health foods and drinks, coconut milk and coconut water. Move on up and up Saint Lucia.

  4. ………….Alexis how do you know that there is not, …..”.some strategic objective of transforming the factory into a more value-added type of production operation”?……….let me tell you something: this plant ceased operations decades ago,……….so a visit may well be to see if there are any bricks left standing…………Have you been to the site?….anyway your diversification ideas are good!


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  6. Allen Chastanet has created a constitutional crisis by attempting to run the Parliament with a bootleg operation and no office of Deputy Speaker.


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