Corporate Governance Conference Here In July

Ms. Lisa Charles and Dr. Chris Bart at the annual Hot Topics conference.
Ms. Lisa Charles and Dr. Chris Bart at the annual Hot Topics conference.

SAINT LUCIA’S Caribbean Governance and Training Institute (CGTI) is continuing to spread the message that sound corporate governance by a strong, educated and effective board is the key to the success of any organisation, and regional businesses are continuing to taking notice.

In mid-May, CGTI founder-directors Lisa Charles and Dr. Chris Bart, visited Jamaica for the second time this year to facilitate a two day programme for the directors and managers of Sandals Resorts International, the parent company of Sandals and Beaches Resorts across the Caribbean. Delegates who came from the Sandals Group of Companies in Jamaica and North America, which includes ATL Automotive, Jamaica Observer, Sandals Resorts International, Sandals Corporate University in addition to Unique Vacations, worldwide representative of Sandals and Beaches Resorts, met in Ocho Rios to participate in the Chartered Director Programme which covers all aspects of corporate governance. This was the second time the CGTI team delivered the course to delegates from Sandals, who have enthusiastically benefitted from CGTI’s extensive knowledge and expertise through high-energy, interactive sessions.

Continuing to prove that board effectiveness is becoming a priority for progressive organisations in the region, the Caribbean Governance Training Institute is set to deliver its third ‘Annual Hot Topics In Corporate Governance Conference’ in July, under this year’s theme ‘Exploring the Behavioural Side of

Effective Board Governance.’ Focusing on the importance of emotional intelligence, critical thinking and complex moral reasoning in the boardroom, the CGTI founders will be joined by an impressive team of experts in the ‘softer’ side of corporate governance, who will deliver the dynamic two day conference through compelling presentations and challenging interactive sessions.

Executives from the highest levels of regional business will come together to learn about the importance of boardroom relationships in defining the outcome of decisions, especially when complex issues and diverse attitudes need to be balanced and circumspect.

CGTI asserts that in 21st century business, technical expertise is no longer enough to guarantee the effectiveness of the board, and experience proves that understanding the human dynamic underpinning all business activity is a magic bullet for real success.

The Caribbean Governance Training Institute will conduct this one-of-a-kind Hot Topics Conference in Saint Lucia on July 4-5 at Coco Palm Resort in Rodney Bay, assembling an impressive group of cross-disciplinary thought-leaders and governance practioners to discuss the need for improved accountability in the boardroom through more relevant practices, essential behaviours and culture.

This crack team of professionals expected to make presentations at the conference believe that governance reform has focused too much on so–called ‘external’ and ‘structural’ best practices, which are proving to be insufficient for improving organisational performance and may even compromise it. According to CGTI: “Real governance reform begins at home — inside the boardroom, among the directors. How directors interact and work with one another and with management is proving to be the ‘secret sauce’ of great governance . . . in other words, the ‘soft stuff’ makes the difference.”

CGTI Co-Director Lisa Charles is excited to be hosting the 2016 Hot Topics Conference on the company’s home turf, and encourages board directors from all business sectors to participate and benefit from the experience and knowledge of their regional peers, as well as the top notch experts who promise to deliver the critical tools for success.

“This is a unique conference in the Caribbean region, covering topics that are crucial to the success of every organisation in a fast-changing business world,” says Ms Charles. “Whether you are on the board of a small family business or the director of a multi-national corporation, understanding how emotional intelligence benefits the quality of governance can be crucial when it comes to making the difficult decisions. CGTI is a Saint Lucian company, so we hope this ‘home game’ will attract local directors and executives to join the movers and shakers from the Caribbean region for a life-changing experience.”

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