Burglary Suspect Tried To Take His Life

By Kingsley Emmanuel

A MAN who was held in police custody in Vieux Fort for burglary, attempted to commit suicide by hanging.

Last week the man, of Belle Vue, Vieux Fort, attempted to kill himself in his cell by tying his shirt around his neck after he was charged for the offence.

His attempt was foiled by a police officer who was at the time carrying out his routine checks. The man had already tied his shirt around his neck when the officer intervened.

According to Inspector Leonce of the Vieux Fort Police Station, the arrested man said he was frustrated and unable to cope with the problems he was presently experiencing, which were exacerbated by his arrest.

The Inspector said the man had denied committing burglary, but during their investigations, they discovered the items which were stolen from the home of the victim, in his home. Leonce said the man had apportioned blame on several persons for the offence.

He is presently out on bail.

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