Jadon Pappin – Watch out for This 11 year old

Image of Jadon Pappin
Image of Jadon Pappin
Jadon Pappin

HE is 11 years old and attends the Monchy Primary School. A Grade 6 student.his favourite subject is mathematics and he is proud of his class teacher Sherry Ann Jn Baptiste. But Jadon Pappin (in picture) has another passion: music.

Pappin, this past Sunday, caught my attention at a family gathering when he played a number of Christmas and gospel tunes on the keyboard, a performance which moved the many persons who were present. Interestingly, though, his favourite piece of musical equipment is the quatro.

Asked why the quatro his reply was: “I love folk music and my favourite artiste was Frank Norville”.

Pappin’s dream is to continue playing the keyboard and quarto. He also intends to write his own songs.

Pappin is an all round sportsman as well, with special emphasis on tennis and football. In fact he recently represented his school at the Inter Primary/Secondary Schools tennis championship that was held at the National Tennis Centre. On centre court he held his own amongst some of the island’s leading junior players by winning four and losing two out of the six matches he played.

The young boy’s mother, CerillaPappin, better known as Giselle said: “My son has a lot of potential, but he needs to keep a clear head as to what he really wants to do. He wants to play football, he wants to play cricket, he wants to play music, and he wants everything. He’s into swimming as well; he needs to make up his mind as to which one he wants to hold and which one he wants to move along with”.

She continued: “From an early age when he entered pre-school I had an eye on him. There were those caregivers who would come into the house to work with him and they always said to me that he had a special talent. He went to kindergarten, now he is at primary school and it’s the same thing. He has carried it along to every single class he jumps to.

“I will give him all the support that I can one of which is to send him to the School of Music”.

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  1. My Boy is already a very young role model. Keep on keeping on.
    This is what we st. Lucians have to support and get the younger generation to aspire to.

    There is no fame and fortune in drugs, gangs, liming on the block, running women and guns and violence..

    Here is the right way to go.

    Jadon Pappin, your name is already lit, the bright lights are not too far from being turned on.

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