Mon Repos Gas Station Taken for $23,000

By Kingsley Emmanuel

SOME $23,000 is reported missing from the Mon Repos Gas Station under mysterious circumstances. The money is said to have disappeared between 10:15 p.m on Sunday and 6:30 a. m on Monday.

Two employees of the gas station operated by the Southern Minibus Association have been questioned in connection with the incident, but up to press time no one had been charged. The gas station employs six persons on a shift basis.

At the time of the incident the money was in a cash pan which was closed but not locked.

The CCTV camera in the building has not been working “for a while”, according to Inspector Leonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station and so has been of no help in the ongoing investigations..

“It appears someone had an extra key and went into the building and stole the money…The person took all the cash from the pan leaving it empty,” Inspector Leoncetold THE VOICE.

He said nothing else was stolen nor anything tampered with.

Vianney Jacob, secretary of the Southern Minibus Association said the association is very concerned about the incident and will be holding a meeting on Saturday to discuss it.

According to Jacob, money has been stolen from the gas station in the past, but the amounts have been much smaller.

“Sometimes $7,000.00 or $8,000.00…is stolen, but this is the first time so much has been stolen from the gas station,” Jacob said.

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