La Ressource Field Opening Tomorrow

THE upgraded La Ressource playing field in the Mabouya Valley will be formally opened tomorrow. The event will be highlighted with the much anticipated showdown between arch rivals Aux Lyons and Survivals for the Shawn Edward Trophy.

Edward, the Minister for Youth Development and Sports and Parliamentary Representative for Dennery North was overjoyed at the prospect when he spoke to THE VOICE this week. He said:

“We are at the stage now where we are ready to unveil the newly refurbished La Resource playing field in the Mabouya Valley. It’s a project that’s been in the making for the better part of a year and half, close to two years”.

Edward said the level of investment in that facility was one that was truly necessary, in excess of $1 million. “We had to acquire the land adjacent to the playing field to give the sportsmen and sportswomen in the valley a much wider surface on which to play on. This was complemented by the installation of lights that cost of well over $600,000.00 which is part of the lighting programme within the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports funded by the Taiwanese government. Also we have constructed a grand stand, two dressing rooms and public facilities for patrons”.

Edward said the surface was very good with the curator from Beausejour, Kent Crafton being there with his team getting it ready for the grand opening tomorrow. “I am hoping the sports loving people of the valley will come out, first of all to see the facility for what it is worth and also to support the finals of the football competition which would be staged”.

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