Bay Gardens Guests Get Free Access To Water Park


Since its opening on August 1,  Splash Island Water Park St. Lucia, the Caribbean’s first ever open water sports park has garnered rave reviews from visitors and locals alike and has welcomed over 10,000 patrons to date.

Located on Reduit Beach, the park has been a major attraction for guests of the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa as well as its sister properties Bay Gardens Hotel and Inn all of whom already enjoy privileged access to the park through specially discounted rates.

In 2016, the experience for Bay Gardens Resorts guests will be further enhanced by the inclusion of free access to Splash Island Water Park in every Bay Gardens vacation.

Starting from January 1,  any guest checking into any of the three award winning  Bay Gardens Resorts properties, will receive six one hour Splash Island Water Park passes per room with no minimum night restrictions or promotional requirements. This applies to both new and existing bookings.

Guests will now be able to enjoy the Caribbean’s first ever open-water sports park which now has over 24,000 fans on Facebook and saw over 4000 visitors in its first month. Located next to the very popular SeaGrapes Beach Bar at Bay Gardens Beach Resort, the park features over a dozen attractions including monkey bars, an action tower, climbing wall, the cliff, a trampoline, floating volleyball court, hurdles, wiggle bridge, Iceberg and favourites such as the Spinner and Double Rocker.

The Water Park is staffed by a team of certified lifeguards and administrative staff led by Managing Director Julianna Ward-Destang. As reviewed by a recent park patron on TripAdvisor, “Splash Island Water Park is great for both kids and adults. We visited recently and had the best time of our lives!! Great challenges, great work out, lots of fun. Lifeguards are there to assist when needed”.

“It’s great that Bay Gardens Resorts guests can now have the opportunity to experience Splash Island Water Park at no additional cost and as part of their authentic Caribbean getaway,” said  Ward-Destang

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