‘Vision’ Team To Resume Dialogue

Augier addressing the youth leaders in Piaye recently.

Says Youth Perspectives Crucial.

Augier addressing the youth leaders in Piaye recently.
Augier addressing the youth leaders in Piaye recently.

FOLLOWING a highly engaging public dialogue with the media, the National Vision Commission will embark on an intense schedule of public dialogues, briefings and consultations with productive sectors, interest groups and communities across the island.

This new round of public dialogue kicks off with a dialogue with the business community this coming Tuesday at the Gardenia Meeting Room at Maurice Mason Avenue, Sans Souci from 10:00 a.m.

The Commission said it is looking forward to meeting with the business community. Commonly referred to as ‘the engine of growth’, the business community is critical to the economic development of the country, it said

Next Wednesday, the National Vision Commission will hold the first of three Youth Dialogues when it meets with youth in the north of the island at the Gros Islet Secondary School from 6:00 p.m. The Commission will meet with youth in the South of the island on Sunday September 27 at the SALCC Southern Extension from 10:00 a.m. The third dialogue for youth in west coast communities will be held on Wednesday September 30 in Soufriere.

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The Vision Commission said it recognizes that young perople comprise the vast majority of the population, and feels strongly that their voices are indispensable in the articulation of a National Vision.

“The Commission further recognizes that it is our young persons who will ultimately give life to any vision of the future. At the upcoming dialogues, the Commission wants to listen to the views and perspectives of the youth on key issues regarding the future Saint Lucia they would like to help create”, a statement from the Commission said.

Next Saturday September 26, the National Vision Commission will meet with representatives of political parties on the island. Though the visioning process transcends partisan politics, the Commission recognizes that strong political commitment is required for the effective implementation of any National Vision and National Strategy which emerges from the consultative process.

The schedule of National Dialogue will run through late November. Over the next ten weeks, the Vision Commission will meet and dialogue with all key sectors and groups including trade unions, community elders, civil society groups, faith-based organizations, and productive sectors such as tourism and agriculture, along with other key sectors like education, planning and infrastructure, arts and culture, health and human resources.

The Vision Commission is mandated to mount a National Dialogue as a vital precursor to the articulation of a National Vision and National Strategy for Saint Lucia.

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