UWP Remembers Sir John On 8th Anniversary Of His Death

Sir John
Sir John

THE Leader of the Opposition and MP for Micoud North, Dr. Gale Rigobert yesterday called on all St. Lucians – at home and overseas – to remember Sir John Compton, the founding leader of the United Workers Party.

The call, came on the eighth anniversary of his passing on September 7, 2007. She said many regarded Sir John as the Father of the Nation and the architect of the modernisation of St. Lucia.

Sir John led the United Workers Party for over three decades. He led St. Lucia into Associated Statehood in 1967 and into political Independence in 1979.

Said Rigobert: “Sir John was a giant of a man who had an extraordinary vision for St. Lucia … to be the most progressive nation that our resources would allow. Many would say that he could have done better in certain sectors, nonetheless all will agree that the foundation laid by Sir John when he led the government of St. Lucia was sufficient to set it apart from and ahead of many small island states like itself.”

Dr.Rigobert encouraged all St. Lucians to remember Sir John “for all that he did that gave St. Lucia the edge, rather than remember him for what you thought he could have done.”

She continued: “Whatever he may have missed is an opportunity for the rest of us – regardless of our political affiliation – to come together and work for the advancement of our country.”

Rigobert added: “Today is a day for reflection for all within the UWP; a day for taking stock especially as we edge closer to another general election. It is a good time for critical introspection, for each of us to ask of ourselves, and of one another, what can we do to strengthen the party and make it as formidable as when Sir John led it to victory on so many occasions.”

“I call on all within the UWP, to reflect on and recommit to the principles that undergird the UWP and what Sir John stood for: to afford many the opportunity for a better quality of life and prosperity, some of who otherwise feel doomed by the challenges of thriving in a small island economy.”

“Sir John and the UWP, it must be remembered, empowered Saint Lucians and gave us the confidence and opportunity to become masters of our own fate. All St. Lucians should be mindful, always, of this fact.”

Dr.Rigobert concluded: “We will continue to struggle to find the adequate means by which to express our sincere gratitude to a man who dedicated his life to the people of this nation and to this land of ours. The least we can do, is to continue to build on his legacy and to do him proud.”

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