St. Lucian Is ‘Iron Chef’ In Canada


THE Saint Lucia Tourist Board and renowned Saint Lucian Chef Ed Harris earlier this week successfully participated in the Harbourfront Centre’s International Iron Chef Competition in Toronto, Canada.

This year, the focus of the competition was on keeping it hot, spicy and sustainable and the Chefs were challenged to use local, sustainable ingredients from their homeland.

As a main theme of the Hot & Spicy Food Festival, the culinary experiences shape all aspects of global culture and food continues to thrive as a central method of cultural expression. The competition explored global cuisine, as innovations in food production and preparation move toward a highly specialized art form.

Chef Ed’s participation at the festival was coordinated by the Saint Lucia Tourist Board’s Canadian team and provided an opportunity to bring together the Saint Lucian community to showcase the flavours of the island. Within the SLTB’s booth, Saint Lucia’s own Ti Kaye La sauces showcased their line of sauces which are on sale in Toronto and were used in Chef Ed’s winning recipe.

Said Alison Theodore, marketing manager for the SLTB: “This collaboration was a very successful one as Canadians came out in strong numbers families, tourists and food lovers alike, and were very interested in learning about Saint Lucia and tasting the local flavours. The interest in Saint Lucia was elevated during the Iron Chef Competition as Chef Ed and Canada battled to the bitter end. So we couldn’t be more thrilled for Ed and his success in his first Canadian Competition. His incorporation of local ingredients from Saint Lucia played an important role in keeping his dishes aligned with the culinary tastes of the island and winning the title.”

Ed Harris was born at Cedars, St. Lucia, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His unending passion for cuisine began in the kitchen. Over the past decade, Harris has been heavily involved in the food business. His experience ranges from high end private events, off site events and various celebrity gatherings to consulting on menu items and restaurant concepts.

Throughout his career Harris has worked as a Tournant, Junior Sous Chef, Banquet Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Dim Sum Chef, Expeditor and Saucier and now that he is a Consultant Chef, he uses all those areas of expertise to further his career.

A popular and talented chef, Harris appeared as a chef on 24-hour Restaurant Battle and was the winner of the Food Network’s CHOPPED “Turbot Powered” Season Four. His company “Chef Life Consulting” partners with various charities especially ones for children, something he holds very close to his heart. His experience in the different positions has given him the opportunity to play an active role in the planning, supervision, and creative aspects of the food industry.

When it comes to sharing his love of food with others, Harris’ work is not just limited to assisting in the process of providing customers with avant garde meals. He has dedicated much of his leisure time to informing younger children about food and the business of food. Harris has also participated in events to help raise funds for several charities.

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