RBC Launches EZ Pay

RBC-Launches-EZ-PayTHE Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Wednesday launched an initiative called EZPay that is said to be ideal for growing businesses by capturing more sales either in the store or on the road.

At the launch, which took place at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort, personnel from small businesses interacted with RBC employees to get a first-hand understanding of the initiative described as the better option for a business if it wants to manage its costs with low and cost effective measures; increase its revenue opportunity by capturing sales; improve its cash flow and efficiency by getting paid faster and rest easy about security because it would not have to worry about carrying cash.

RBC EZPay is a rather simple and easy way to use, according to Kevin Darling, Market Head – Business Banking, Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, and is suitable for small business owners, taxi/delivery drivers, contractors, plumbers, interior designers, trade show vendors, personal trainers, photographers, etc.

All a merchant needs is a laptop, tablet or a smart phone which will be hooked up to a RBC EZPay credit card reader and he/she is ready for business. The reader is compatible with either Apple or Android smartphones.

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Said Darling:“Today we launched a piece of technology that is leading in the marketplace and what it does is that every merchant with a cellphone or a tablet can accept credit card payments. Here’s how it works. Your tablet or smartphone has to be connected to the reader which could be done through Bluetooth. Someone swiped a credit card through the reader which reads it and sends the information to the bank. The bank reads the information and sends a response to the merchant’s smartphone or tablet saying whether the card is approved of rejected. The merchant then sends a receipt to the customer via his phone to the customer’s phone,”

“Darling said, that with EZPay one has the freedom to accept credit cards using a smartphone or tablet.

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