Guide For Expectant Mothers Developed by Taiwanese.


A maternal and child health patient information booklet titled “Pregnancy 101” has been formally handed over to the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations by the Republic of China (Taiwan.

The booklet serves as a prenatal care guide for expectant mothers. Topics covered in the booklet include check-ups, pregnancy dos and don’ts, a packing list for labour, exercises during pregnancy, discomfort relief, and healthy nutrition.

The booklet was developed by two Taiwanese volunteers in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and printed with funding from the ICD.

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“This booklet is expected to strengthen maternal health knowledge and provide self-directed learning,” Taiwanese Ambassador, James Chang said. “The volunteers have assisted health centres islandwide to promote the use of the booklet which will help strengthen existing maternal health clinics,”he added.

Minister for Health, Alvina Reynolds, lauded the work of the volunteers.

“This year, the volunteers have taken the initiative to develop a patient information booklet for expectant mothers. The aim to is to empower women and their partners to be better prepared to face the realities of pregnancy, delivery, and the newborn baby,” she said.

“The volunteers have also implemented a number of activities [in the past] including the weight loss competition currently underway, workshops with clients and staff, and development of handouts and patient information booklets.”

Two hundred booklets were published for 34 health centres and polyclincsislandwide.

“Pregnancy 101” is a collaboration of the Ministry of Health and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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