LPM gets OK For Oct. 8 March

POLITICAL Leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent
POLITICAL Leader of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent

THE way has been made clear for the Lucian People Movement to hold its well-publicized anti-government march scheduled for October 8.

Acting deputy Police Commissioner, SeverinMoncherry gave the green light for the march after a meeting with the LPM’s political leader Therold Prudent last Friday.

A jubilant Prudent said that the meeting was very productive with mutual respect coming from both sides.

“I’m very appreciative of how Mr. Moncherry handled himself and the issues that have to do with the march,” Prudent said.

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With just about two weeks to go before the march the LPM has now moved into preparation mode travelling across the country sensitizing Saint Lucians about the march and inviting groups or organizations to participate if they so desire.

“This is a march for everyone,” Prudent said.

Invited will be supporters of the United Workers Party, disenchanted supporters of the ruling St. Lucia Labour Party, the student body of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College which just last week protested a hike in tuition fees, and other groups and organizations.

The LPM’s efforts to stage this march hit a snag for a brief period last week when Moncherry denied permission noting the absence of certain particulars that should have been in the LPM’s letter to police seeking permission to hold the march.

Moncherry’s stance resulted in a back and forth from both sides that was aired in the media ending with the LPM’s deciding to re-submit its letter this time taking note of the particulars pointed out by Moncherry in his letter to the LPM.

The march is expected to start at the Vigie Playing Field and end at the Derek Walcott Square on the side facing the cathedral of the Minor Basilica, a location already being seen by the LPM as its city home.

The march will be used to protest the country’s economic woes, the levels of violent crime in the country, the health system as it relates to the government’s seemingly inability to complete St. Jude Hospital in the south, and the new hospital on the Millennium Highway which, according to Prudent, government cannot say when it will be fully operational.

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  1. Prudes, this will be “make or break” for you. It better be a make, otherwise it’s Ball fini.
    Going back to Flatbush with that on the mind, make sure you have some heavy stuff
    to smoke; you can get lots in the hood.
    I don’t know why you went behind the out house to pose for that Photo, and by the way,
    you don’t pose with a cheap ball point pen in your shirt pocket. Otherwise, your political
    agenda is not that bad, so I say, good luck. Remember one thing, and I don’t want you to
    ever forget. In all your ways, in all your doings, give the praise to you know who: Jesus.

  2. The cheap ball point and outhouse background is a tad too frugal -not even po folks want a return to the stone age epoch of the Flintstones
    Obviously you want a leaner perhaps greener government.
    LPM squandered 5 years of effective strategic preparation, only to evolve as an appendage of UWP political schemes.
    When a football (US) franchise is in its buildup phase, it spends its resources on acquiring players for the long haul -whose talents-like fine wine- becomes more robust and winning to the palate-overtime.
    Therefore, your short term mission is to secure limited , attainable victories/battles -not the entire war.
    Except for Gros Islet and Micoud (comfort zone constituencies for LPM & UWP , respectively) only lip service is paid to the rest of the national enclaves.. For this your football strategy isthe predictable run straight up the strong middle of the defense or pass into double coverage of the secondary where taller , faster defensive backs are lurking with gleeful bone crunching ferocity.
    So obvious was his DISCONNECT with any GRASSROOTS initiatives and aristocratic appetite for mischief; the emperor attempted to BUY the
    plight of the poor (in Bruceville???) as a showcase of his CONTRIVED sympathy.
    Then you LPM follow by using one of his disgraceful tactics with his march to promote petrol
    GLUTTONY-a most aristocratic affliction.
    Where is your third party novelty?
    Riding on the coattails of UWP? AWA
    I know you have more innovative abilities -you are immersed in Americana- land that thrives on the ingenuity of innovation,hybridization, David the underdog can take on Goliath, etc.
    Like Emperor Chas your eagerness to win , CURTAILS or preempts your true patriotic fervor to chart out new pathways for routing this ship of state out of the current dire straits of economic and sociological malaise.
    The naked truth is that the majority of people and corps/orgs rode the gravy train into the terminal of Global Economic Meltdown. The only countries who were spared or experienced rapid recovery are those whose national character practices thrift, frugality and high ratios of personal savings in their safer banking practices.
    The incumbent govt has few choices to avert anarchy
    LPM & UWP marching efforts are better spent in Town Hall Workshops that reeducate retool the masses on tips for creating personal economic safety net,
    best frugal practices for daily living
    and a host of personal hygiene facts.
    We must not forget the song and dance within the art of PRIORITIZATION.
    The western wall of the Basilica as neo Wailing Wall for your march-
    nNice nod to Judeo-Christian elements but how are you gonna reconcile with the proposed mosque in the vicinity of the old library on the corner of the Square!

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