Chanté en Kweyol October 24


DE SOCA-LYPSO Revue is preparing to host its 4th Annual AnnouManjé, Dansé, Chanté en Kwéyòl event.

This year the event has been placed on the official calendar in observance of Kwéyòl Heritage Month and will take place on Friday October 24 at the National Cultural Centre. It will also take on a new twist and will be in the form of a song competition featuring various genres of music with the eventual winner going home with a cash prize of EC$5,000.00. The second place winner will receive EC$3,500, and third place winner EC$2,5000

A special award will be given to the Best Written Piece.

In preparation for this competition, the Revue hosted a very successful writers’ forum on September 24 at the Central Library. This 90 minute session was aimed at bringing together writers wishing to submit material for judging, giving them an opportunity for deliberation and enhancing their craft.

De Revue also invited Dr. KentryJn Pierre, as a resource person to assist in the writing of Creole, which is important for submission of the written pieces for judging. Writers were also privy to the draft judging criteria for their input.

De Soca-Lypos Revue is asking all artistes and songwriters, interested in participating in in this year’s Kweyol Song Competition to register early…. The deadline for registration is Wednesday September 30. Registration forms ars available at the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), and have to be accompanied by a registration fee of EC$ 20.00 and a CD with the competition song.

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