CFL Backs Healthy Lifestyle Campaign

90 to take part in competition.


THE St. Lucia national weight loss campaign dubbed “Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi, Bon Santé PouLavi” kicked off yesterday, with participants ready and energized to take part in the two month long challenge. Health, nutrition and exercise are all features of this competition.

The event brings together 90 participants from the nine health regions around the island, 10 participants per region, who will compete for the top prizes of biggest individual loser per region, biggest overall loser and region to lose the most collective weight, among other exciting prizes. It will feature various health workshops, a walk, hike and obstacle course challenge.

Consolidated Foods Ltd. (operators of Super J IGA, glfoodmarket and Mega J) is one of the Ministry of Health’s partners in this engagement. At last week’s launch the 90 participants each received a glfoodmarket cooler bag, especially designed for the storage of temperature sensitive products.

“All of our stores have products well suited to support a healthy lifestyle geared towards weight loss if necessary. We view this competition as a great way to boost confidence, get persons motivated and on the right track. We will provide a range of prizes for the competition to get participants excited about the journey and to help the Ministry of Health achieve this national objective”, said Marketing Manager SanchaRaggie.

After the launch participants were able to sample a range of healthy snack options available at Super J and glfoodmarket.
As the island’s largest food retailer, CFL is closely associated with many health activities and is a proud sponsor of the St. Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association. The company is currently making plans to host the annual Yoplait Walk on November . The funds raised from this event goes to support breast cancer awareness and treatment.

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