20 Murders in Six Months

Sererin Moncherry
Sererin Moncherry
Sererin Moncherry

With Saint Lucia recording 20 homicides so far this year, all occurring within the last six months, the homicide squad of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has their work cut out for them.

It all started in April when gun violence erupted after three months of quit when the country experienced zero homicides.

Police Chief, Errol Alexander had much praise for the public saying that for the first three months of the year the public played a major role in keeping the homicide rate down to zero.

While Alexander could not be contacted for a comment on the latest turn of events, his deputy SererinMoncherry said that the various variables that are involved and which lead to a homicide cannot be pinned on police however police strategies to combat crime were working.

“Like everything else you must go to the drawing board every now and then to improve, tweak, enhance. A strategy used at a certain time may not be useful at a later date,” Moncherry said.

The first homicide for the year was 49-year-old Anthony “Tony” Harris. He died from gunshot wounds sustained when gunfire erupted near Lower Morne Du Don. The latest homicide occurred on Thursday last when 36-year-old Kerwin Pierre-Louis was shot in Chase Gardens when masked men discharged rounds of ammunition at him.

Twenty-three homicides occurred last year between January and September. As for this year the homicide breakdown is as follows: January- zero, February – zero, March – zero, April – seven, May – two, June – one, July – four, August – three and September – three.


  1. We are only getting rid of a lot of scumbags most of the time. Of course a few hapless victims are vulnerable because of age and gender. The society is imploding under the weight of hopelessness and despair from indolent politicians who just promise us non-existing jobs. Their own jobs are in tact. We agreed to give them theirs by voting for them. They give us empty job talk. According to all the talk, their ideal future is get a whole nation full of hotel maids and bell hops who make up the rank and file of the working poor.
    Meanwhile, the disappearing middle class pays 15% VAT to subsidize the hotel owners’ payment of 8% so that the latter can make a profit and keep our low rate of employment from going further down. This arrangement also keeps the STEP employment program going great guns. For our many political idiot-savants, it makes a lot of sense to keep the status quo. Just listen to all the talk going around regarding the next elections. If you did not know, it is all about not committing political suicide. The size of their pensions grows.


    After reading the first sentence of your opinion, I knew it had to be Michael Chastanet’s disguised attempt at his nefarious abetting the “TAKING-OUT” of Black men in Lucia, who Chastanet refers to as “BAD BOYS”, but I soon realized that it was an insidious collaboration of Allen and Michael to impose the nincompoop Allen Chastanet to administer the destruction of the Pitons and the Vigie peninsula.

    I have told Kenny Anthony on many occasions that the lack of urgency in the arrest and prosecution of the Killer Cops led by Vernon Francois, who were involved in the murders of innumerable Lucians in extrajudicial murders is the reason the murder rate continues to escalate. These trained killers/hitmen roam the island as hired assassins settling disputes among neighbours for a pittance of five hundred dollars. Unless Francois and these Killer Cops are not incarcerated and brought to book, there will continue to be unsolved murders, since it is these “police” who are expected to solve the murders they themselves commit.

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