Ark Teleservice Responds To Dismissals

ARK Teleservice Ltd. of Bisee yesterday responded to a story in the VOICE on Thursday indicating that six of its employees had been fired without notice.

The statement said:

“Ark Teleservices Ltd has been successfully operating in St Lucia for the last six years employing approximately three hundred people. To date a significant portion of our employees are from our period of inception.

“We value every employee who passes through our doors, sometimes however, terminations are inevitable when there is a lack of compliance with the rules and regulations of employment.

“We have a responsibility to keep our clients happy and cannot tolerate performance that does not meet basic requirements for punctuality and attendance.

“Our cutting edge technology systems keep an accurate track of attendance and performance of every member of staff on a daily basis. All decisions on terminations are done based on the logged statistics from our systems and within the laws of the land.

“We are consistently recruiting bright and articulate people with great work ethics and welcome those who are willing to actively contribute to our company’s success

“We live in a civil society that is governed by the rule of law and therefore must at all times abide by the laws which seek to do justice between us as citizens. We welcome the opportunity to defend the position we have taken in this matter bearing in mind that we have subscribed to and applied the relevant laws at all times . We would therefore encourage any party who feels aggrieved by any decision taken by our company to seek and engage the prescribed mechanisms for resolving disputes and not engage in menacing and disruptive actions which only seek to undermine the integrity and good name of our company.”


  1. Still never explained why there were no verbal or written warnings prior to the dismissals. There is also no valid explanation as to why huge groups are hired and fired every 3-6 months with no real reason for dismissal. This is a weak and somewhat insulting attempt to save face but I can see through the BS. Who do you people think you’re fooling?

  2. Sometimes employees are as bad as not to deserve notice.
    Have you heard of “getting fired on the spot”?

  3. eServices / Masade left St. Lucia for Barbados at the first opportunity because they had a huge staff turnover here.

  4. Such bs.. What technolog they hv to keep track of aattendance when every day they count us like sheep. I will say again the comments made by the staff and pass staff are on point

    1. Are you stupid? Why do you think you log in with your name? When everything is recorded and then cross checked with the list of people on the payroll?

      1. don’t call the person stupid when, if you worked there, you’d know full well that the log in is just for recorded calls. I was there long enough and high enough to say!

  5. Cutting edge technology system wow all you need to do is bring in sum cameras and spend a week.. The computers are outdated, there are no rules. I choose to say that becuse they just don’t abide to it, the dress code is a hot mess, the supervisor don’t lead by example,AND LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THE WASHROOMS IT IS SO DISGUSTING BARLEY EVER HAS TOILET PAPER OR WATER,” the lunch room” don’t get cleaned apart from it being swept once in a while arktele has no respect for peoples bread they only use us st lucians.they don’t go by the Labour laws at all, something needs to be done about it

  6. Admit to the fact that you had no real reason to fire them!!! So many people can’t all be wrong or “undermined the intergrity” of that place. It really is a shit hole!!!

  7. Sounds about right, Lucians seem to have the habit of calling companies with gossips about employees/persons with a pass – seem this country has a lot of jealous, unforgiving gossip mongers – what I don’t get is how stupid to sack someone on gossip, which may have noting to do with the organization – oh protecting Brand Image eehh ..

  8. Past u must be da dummy letting these ppl fool u.. If da system records ur attendance y do they hv to write it down.. That’s jus to record ur calls. Dunno y some ppl defending arktele.. Yes we all need a bread but all that shit not necessary. And im glad someone brought up the bathroom n so called lunch room up

  9. What i dont get ! Help me understand !
    The people complaining are the same ones working there, saying they counting them like sheep and their computers this & that. YET you’ll still working there going onto Cycle 18 in the people payroll and I’m sure will still be there until F-ing New Years come. Shut the hell up because the shitty company still gives you’ll money to go an buy dry bread and powder milk to full you’ll belly and feed the children you’ll never doh have fathers for smh. All you’ll have to do is open you ‘ll jaw whoolee day for 9 an hour you’ll not the cashiers in S&S that underpaid or CCC workers you’ll not lifting up anything but you’ll fingers and you’ll still have hot air blowing. Pissing me off. Life is Go to work, Do your work, Go for lunch and break & get paid SIMPLE. Always a complain Cheese and bread. & is always the uneducated people that would sit behind their smart phone or monitor to waste time and bash people and companies and not pick up a book and advance themselves, for them to go an look for job somewhere else since the one their with have flaws. My God bless them, their ignorance is ugly.

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