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Annou Pale – Suicide in our Country

THE VOICE introduces a brand new column ANNOU PALE aimed at stimulating dialogue on some of the most pressing problems facing our country at this time.

We plan that this conversation will continue for some time throwing up ideas and solutions to the problems that have been identified and selected for discussion. You, the reader, have the opportunity to join the debate which in fact, has already started.

Suicides have become the most pressing social problem facing St. Lucia today.

It simply is appalling the number of people who are opting to end their lives..

But most alarming is the fact that as a nation, we have done nothing to try to determine the cause of this new problem in our midst. Apart from a few professional people appearing on television with bits of advice, we seem to have accepted that suicide must now become a way of life, or rather, a way of death, in St Lucia.

There is no question, however, that something needs to be done to bring this matter under some kind of control. It is a serious indictment on a country when so many of its citizens are taking their own lives, for whatever reason.

We need to hear from the people with power, the government, about this development. Is the government aware of what is going on? It does not seem so judging by the fact that there has been no official reaction that we can recall, far less a promise to attempt to halt the trend.

What do you, the reader, think? Tell us. Why are so many of our people taking their lives and what can be done about it?

~~~~~~ Red Smith ~~~~~~~
Voice of the suicidal one
Speaking to people who want to commit suicide is a very difficult task
Because they have many questions to ask…..
They ask>>>>
What am I living for when my life is nothing but a gate to hell’s door?
Why am I on ‘earth’ when my mom regrets she gave ‘birth’ to me
And I can’t even live happily?
Why do I live when I have memories of being molested at six
And now I have the wrong idea about sex?
Why, I ask why?
Why do I trust these people who go ahead and share my secrets
And now I’m down and only smoking cigarettes ?
Why do people speak of falling in love
When every time I try I get injured and have a slow recovery
Why do people always want to share sympathy
When all they do is back-stab me?
I’m fed up and can’t take it anymore.
My life is shattered,
I plead to see my blood
All over the place
While I walk to Satan’s palace
Because in this world
I don’t get silver or gold,
But tears and nights so cold.
I am the definition of bruise,
I can never enjoy myself in life’s cruise,
When others are called remarkable
I am called gullible
I NEED A LIST, of awesome things that happened to me,
But I don’t have it
So I’m ending it
I lost
So I accept it
My misery will be over
There’s no chance of me growing older

This is actually well spoken #truth….We as a whole country we pay less attention to the ones who commit suicide for some petty reasons that can be solved easily….We hear and see on the media the news about suicide and how it is affecting others….But we see nothing to do but to accuse the ones who commit it. These people who commit suicide are people who are troubled at home or were abused from a small age,and those who were used for slaves whilst growing up…so we really don’t have to blame the people who commit suicide…. These people need us as youth to be spoken to,and how we could help them out…(press for the changes youth members) complaining wont help,if only we set our minds to it and say Ok I will seek attention for those who need it,and see how I could help them out….This is really starting to infuriate people..

Good piece and expression of feelings.
It speaks for the many persons who never had the chance to echo how they felt and call out for help. Hope that it aids someone in realizing that they’re not alone in the struggle but a new day brings new opportunities.
Good job!

Suicide is harder to understand than murder because the killer is also the victim. I personally believe that positivity can help. Big up someone anytime they do something good; You never know, you might save someone from making the mistake we call suicide.

One way of helping out:::::::::NOT KEEPING IT A SECRET::::If someone tells you that you need to keep his or her suicidal intentions a secret, then you never can keep that a secret. Under no circumstances can you keep a secret that could cause someone’s death. You are not violating a privileged communication; you are taking the steps necessary to prevent a suicide. That is an expression of love, caring, and deep concern, and is the only ethical choice in a situation as serious as this.

~Sol Soowi~
I have difficulty in accepting that there are conditions in our country that would prompt a person to take his or her life. For starters a person ought to love himself or herself first and foremost, and if you do not love your own self how can you love another?

Still, there ought to be services in our country that people who are contemplating suicide can tap into for help. The fact that even with so many suicides, we are seeing no real emphasis on making such services available is frightening. There is a problem in our land and there must be solutions to this problem.

The government must demonstrate that it is aware of this problem and spend some money in trying to provide alternatives. You cannot be spending money on highways and massive buildings when your people are suffering.


  1. Many might say that the Government of St. Lucia cant help in Suicide but they.
    They can start campaigns to increase public awareness of suicide as a preventable problem, to develop broad based support for prevention efforts, and to reduce stigma.
    Media education to improve reporting and portrayals of suicide in the media.
    Training for caregivers to improve recognition of at-risk behaviour and delivery of effective treatments, incorporation of licensing standards for professional caregivers and also development and promotion of effective clinical and professional practices

  2. There are times in life when we might feel totally depressed flabbergasted with emotional pain. It can seem like there is no other way out of our problems, we’ve run out of possible solutions. Our hitches seem unfixable. The pain feels like it will never end. We believe we’ve run out of options, and suicide is the only answer left. Maybe the suicidal thoughts come to mind, you might have mixed feelings about them. They’re frightening and befuddling. For some people, suicide may be a way of getting back at others, or showing them how much pain you’re in. But after suicide, you won’t be there to see that they feel guilty, or finally understand your pain. Feelings will pass. Depression feels everlasting, but it’s temporary. Things will change. Depression comes and it goes. It is a impermanent crisis, an attempt to stop the inner pain. You will get through this tunnel and come out the other side. The feelings will pass!

  3. There are a ton of reason why people want to take their lives. But, for some people it is an escape because they are unable to cope, and feel that they need to end it all. However, if someone calls the paramedics in the middle of an attempt, the rest of it gets ugly. There’s crying, tubes all over the place, induced black vomit, and then you are shot off to a mental hospital.

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