Lillie Anatole – I Am Not My Hair

Image of Lillie Anatole

This week, I spoke to 28 year old Lillie Anatole who, just like I did, took the plunge…only, her plunge dove deeper than I did as she went the whole nine yards and got a complete buzz cut (also known as a skin head) Now, Anatole is well known for being a comedienne and generally a big child at heart, and whilst she is also humble and extremely friendly and down to earth, she is equally as adventurous, brave and spontaneous. But with all that said, no one saw this move coming by a long shot.

Lance Florent Discusses His Ten Years In the U.S. Navy

Image of Lance Florent

IT is not everyday that you get to meet someone who would literally put their lives on the line to protect yours, but when you get to meet these men and women, it is an honourable event. Today’s FITC is a son of the soil who has achieved such status after serving in the US Navy for almost a decade. Lance Florent went from humble beginnings in Vigie and Anse la Raye, to the high seas all across the globe, serving as part of the US military, the biggest super power in the world.

Ruby Baptiste – A Ruby Among Gems

Image of Ruby Baptiste

THERE are many difficult jobs in this world, and the list is seemingly never-ending; however, I think it is inarguable to say that looking after tiny tots is one of the toughest jobs there is. Today’s FITC, Ruby Baptiste is the Administrator of the Ciceron Daycare Centre and has been for just over one year; however, she almost let fear stop her from grabbing the opportunity to do what she loves.