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Claudette Adjodha – Letting Love Lead The Way

Image of Claudette Adjodha
Image of Claudette Adjodha
Claudette Adjodha

IN the crazy world we live in, it is an extreme rarity when you meet someone who is the epitome of goodness.

Claudette Adjodha is one of those rare individuals and she is not afraid to show and share it.

Adjodha, who is Antiguan by birth but has resided in St. Lucia since 1978, is a mother of two daughters who she calls her greatest blessings.

The retired teacher is a vocalist/guitarist who works with famed St. Lucian Reggae artiste Meshach as his Manager and backup vocalist but she also splits her time as the Food and Beverage Assistant at Ladera Resort.

In her own words, Adjhoda describes herself as “a revolutionary at heart: non-violent revolution-spiritual revolution.”

When asked about her beliefs, and how deep-rooted they are, she said: “I know that “Love is all there is”. I believe in being positive at all times. I don’t believe in revenge or bearing grudges live a simple life. I don’t believe that success is measured by material possessions. I believe who you are and the good that you do are more important than your material possessions.”

To some, Adjodha’smindset is laughable and “Hippyish”, but to those who know and appreciate the true meaning of all things that is love and peace, she is a breath of fresh air, and the world could surely use more like her.

She said she could not care less with the way that society perceives her negatively, as by their standards, people like her are usually considered “failures”.

Adjodha said this will not stop her from spreading the love and light that the world desperately needs.

The VOICE: I know that whilst you are a musician to the core, you are also a dedicated pacifist. Which one of the two do you spend more time focusing on, or do you simply marry the two?

Adjodha: I marry the two. One complements the other. I believe that music should be used to spread positive messages. Peace, love etc.

The VOICE: Speaking of pacifism, you have an unmistakably bright and warm light that you exude, spreading positivity and love everywhere you go. Tell me a little bit about that mindset.

Adjodha: I live in gratitude. When you are grateful for all blessings great and small you have no choice but to be happy. I give thanks every second of every day and I take time out to appreciate the beauty around me. I try to focus on the good in everything and everyone so I smile a lot. And when negative energy tries to invade, I sing a song in my head and I smile again.

The VOICE: When you look at the state of the world today, especially our tiny island, what goes through your head and how does it make you feel?

Adjodha: Sadness, anger sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if the Creator has ever regretted creating human beings. Nature lives in harmony and continues the process of creation. Man destroys. We are the most destructive specie. St. Lucia is an amazing island with so much to offer, but her people are divided and this is the main problem. If we are united as a nation and a people working for the common good, we could eradicate a lot of the “lack” in our country. You know the old saying “divide and rule”.

The VOICE: Why do you think the world has gone in the direction it’s headed in…what steered them there?

Adjodha: Selfishness, greed, fear, lack of love. We have forgotten our divinity.

The VOICE: We live in a dog eat dog world where it is said that only the strong survive, yet you choose peace and tranquillity. Do you ever worry that this could be a disadvantage?

Adjodha: There is strength in peace and tranquillity. Inner strength peace can never be a disadvantage. It depends on how a person views life. What’s the point in losing your soul to gain the world?

The VOICE: Sticking to the kind of world we live in, your mentality is rare and is needed badly, but with that said, do you think that pacifism and kindness even matters anymore or has it simply become old fashioned?

Adjodha: It matters to me. The difference I make to each life I touch matters to me. If I can put a smile in one heart every day, I am a success. It matters. For all you know maybe my smile could turn someone’s life around. How can love be old fashioned? Never.

The VOICE: Has there ever been a time where your spirit has been tested so badly that you considered giving up the good fight?

Adjodha: Sometimes I get tired of being good but only for a split second. I will never give up.

The VOICE: And to the real soldiers who are resilient and are seemingly unbreakable, what would you like to say to them?

Adjodha: Each one teach one. Be strong. You are not alone. One step at a time.

The VOICE: Finally, to the perpetrators of the negativity around us, on all levels from crime to even gossip, if you could reach out to them and change their mindsets, what would you say to them?

Adjodha: The best leadership is by example. Criminals are victims also. We live in a double standard society. We adults talk the talk but we don’t walk the walk. Children learn what they live. Initiate change through example. Talk won’t create change actions will.

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  1. Claudette Adjodha, has left an indelible mark on my daughter’s heart and for this, I will be forever grateful. In a world where man is so selfish, She stands out as a beacon of light. Thank you Claudette, on behalf of Donna Brouet.

  2. It is truly an honour to know such a wonderful individual. Claudette you will aways have a special place in my heart. The guidance and support that you gave throughout secondary school and continue to give will never be forgotten. I will agree with Prisca when she says that you stand out as a beacon of light. Continue to let your love shine.

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