Disaster Management Trainees Put to the Test


In late 2022, the Damage Assessment and Need Analysis (DANA) was completed by its participants. DANA is a training programme aimed at preparing disaster management staff, community leaders and first responders to effectively assess destruction of a community, after a natural disaster.

And on November 6, 2022, the north of the island experienced a trough, which resulted in flash flooding and landslides causing extensive damage to public and private property.

In light of the unfolding events, Program Development Officer in the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), Kenisha Jeffrey says the training was timely.

“Two weeks after DANA ended, the trough happened in Corinth and Gros Islet was impacted and these were the individuals that went out to do the damage assessment. For us it was a proud moment because whilst you teach, while they are training you and you are informing them that you will be called upon to assist in times of disaster, most times that opportunity never comes or you never want it to come because you never really want a disaster to happen,” said Jeffrey.

“But it was amazing to see who showed up the following day at our office who had just been trained and volunteering,” she added.

The training was facilitated by Brigadier General (R) Earl Arthurs. Arthurs himself expresses pride in his cohort of trainees.

“I saw about 50 of those people engaged, going out, doing those assessments, going back to NEMO and I recognised them and see them,” Arthurs declared.

DANA is one of many activities under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project.

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