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Ministry of Health Collaborates on St. Jude Construction

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will work collaboratively with sister agencies, namely the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Economic Development to oversee the new St. Jude reconstruction project.

According to Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, the selection of the site for reconstruction was based on the recommendations of a Technical Committee charged with that responsibility, with no prodding from his Cabinet of Ministers.

The first phase of this round of works has commenced following a short ceremony on Tuesday, 01 November, 2022.

Construction was last halted in 2021 whilst a committee reviewed the existing structures on the site in order to determine the best way forward.

Following their findings, the Government of St. Lucia took the decision to recommence infrastructural works under different terms.

One of these terms ensures the project is undertaken collaboratively with vital input of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs in the oversight, planning, design and communications on the project.

“I want to tell you also the management of this project is going to be different. No one or two men are going to be in charge. Professionals are going to be in charge and it’s going to be a collaboration between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Economic Development,” Pierre said.

The contractor responsible for the construction activities on the site during this phase is construction company CIE.

Pierre added, “We have started today (Tuesday) with Phase 1 of the St. Jude Hospital Rehabilitation Project. Phase 1 includes the cleaning of the entire site including all the buildings. It also includes fumigation and anti-termite treatment that needs to be carried out because of the time that has elapsed since the buildings were not used.”

Four buildings were set to be attended to from Tuesday by seven sub-contractors with a total of forty-two workers.

The first phase is expected to be completed in four months, where phase two will begin.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs, Jenny Daniel says the Ministry has a vested interest in re-establishing and redeveloping hospital services to the south of the island.

“Though the St. Jude Hospital has remained operational over the past thirteen years, we are cognizant of the severe restrictions and limitations the institution and staff members have faced during this time in the delivery of those services. In consideration of the foregoing and as directed by the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Health Maintains oversight of this project through the establishment of a project steering committee, and the assignment of the requisite health planning services designed to provide technical planning support to the project management team, as well as the management of the hospital in matters pertaining to service provision, design and transition of the hospital to its new premises,” Daniel said

The Ministry of Health will also provide vital communication support to the project by ensuring the accurate and timely dissemination of information concerning the progress of the project to stakeholders and the general public.

The St. Jude Hospital has been housed in the Vieux Fort Stadium for 13 years, after fire gutted its surgical block in September, 2009.

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