SLFA Provides Southern Affiliates with Stationery Supplies

By Reginald Andrew
SLFA President Lyndon Cooper presents supplies to club affiliates.
SLFA President Lyndon Cooper presents supplies to club affiliates.

In keeping with its mandate – geared to develop the game of football on the island and to assist with social development in the wider communities – the St Lucia Football Association [SLFA] Inc. recently donated a set of stationery and other supplies to selective sports associations in the south.

At a presentation ceremony, last Friday, the SLFA provided two of its affiliates with provisions that they had requested to assist young students in their community.

SLFA President Lyndon Cooper said the entity acquiesced to the respective leagues’ request, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, since they had previously assisted players to help cope with this global economic downturn.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, we did a similar thing where we gave players… a total of 49 laptops to ensure that they would meet the requirements for the new model of learning,” declared Cooper.

He said the donations to the Uptown Rebels Football Club and the Vieux Fort North Football League was to provide support for the task they have undertaken to help needy students in the community.

Pushing the envelope a little further, Cooper said, “It would be good to see …and to ensure that every (affiliate) of the 19 leagues and every single 125 clubs get involved in activities like that.”

He noted that the policy at the SLFA would always remain in such a way that, “football and school (education) must go hand-in-hand …and we at the SLFA, will always play our part in ensuring that we keep the schools and the kids as one.”

On a personal note, added Cooper, “I want to make it clear and to reassure every parent and every child that our playing field remains ‘a safe place to play’, and despite what had raised its ugly head in the few days gone by, the SLFA will do whatever it takes to restore that level of normalcy and to ensure that football remains the #1 sport, free from all levels of violence.”

He continued, “I want to make it abundantly clear that the SLFA has no intentions …to punish any individual or any group, any league or any club for something they did not do or that they have no control over.”

President of the Uptown Rebels Mervin “Coco” Bellas acknowledged the gesture and noted that “the game of football goes beyond the playing field.” He reiterated the notion that “education and sport must go hand-in-hand” and that the SLFA would buy into the proposal.

“Football, like we said, is not just what happens on the playing field,” he said. “We know of the financial issues that our parents go through, and the footballers themselves go through. So this gesture …will go a long way in helping our kids as they prepare for the new academic year.”

President of the Vieux Fort North Football League, Dwayne Edward spoke about the league’s drive and how “we                                         ventured to develop …or redevelop football for Vieux Fort North and we thought it was best that we start with our young people.”

He continued, “We know of the plight of our young people lately …and we deduced that the best way forward was to redevelop the mindset of our people, starting from the grassroots.”

Taking into account the disorderly social behavior and violent upheavals that has impacted the northern community lately, Edward asserted: “I know if we do a good job, we can have a better academic (process) plus a physical community (structure), in terms of football and education.”

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