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Anse La Raye Infant School is a Hub for Innovation

Anse La Raye Infant School is a hub for innovation
Anse La Raye Infant School is a hub for innovation

The National Competitiveness and Productivity Council (NCPC) encourages innovation and innovative thinking to boost national productivity and competitiveness. The Anse La Raye Infant School is being highlighted by the NCPC for its innovative approach to student learning.

Nestled in the quaint community of Anse La Raye is a laboratory for innovation and creative thinking merging mathematics and science into tangible expressions for learning. Grade 2 Teacher at the   Anse La Raye Infant School, Martina Raphael-Poleon conceptualized a novel project to create 2D and 3D objects by combining mathematics and science to keep her students engaged, confident, and connected to their learning.

“I want the children to see that there is joy in doing mathematics. There is something about mathematics. Mathematics is used all around the world, we use it in baking, we use it in farming, we use it in nursing, we use mathematics all over the world. We want them, whether you become a farmer you can use mathematics.  And they have been exposed to this content. So I said, ‘Students, we are going to do something very creative using mathematics and you will love it.”

The students, assisted by their parents, designed their projects, guided by an agreed template which focused on the use of everyday materials such as plastic, metal, cloth, wood, or paper to form 2D and 3D shapes to complete their project. “They use that information from the template to create a bar graph and a pictograph because these children were exposed to data management representing data in tables…and I am very, very pleased that this activity was excellently well done by all of the students who presented their projects here today.”

Creativity was on full display as the students presented their projects.  A school bus, model homes, playgrounds, beach chairs, and even a one-of-a-kind grater. Katelyn Montoute and Janach Michel explained their projects.

“I made a park. I have different materials like cloth, plastic, paper. So my teacher told me it’s not that hard to do math and we can do math in anything and my mother and father helped me do this project.” Katelyn said.

“My project is a fighter jet. It has a pilot in the front and the two front wings have two guns on them and the back wings have one gun and under it has four wheels.  So when it’s about to take off the four wheels will make it take off while it’s driving, so it could kill the bad dinosaur before the dinosaur destroys the world.” Janach stated.

Albert Joseph is the Principal at Anse La Raye Infant, he says that the school recognizes the cultural diversity of their community and thus innovation is at the center of teaching and learning.

“So the children are very much engaged in the creative aspect. We try to engage them in dance, music, theatre, all of these as well as to marry the academics. So our vision, in essence, we are looking to ensure we create a holistic child ensuring that they have all the skills that are necessary so that they can function not just in school but outside in the world as well.”

From 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm is the USSR which stands for Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading, another initiative employed at the Anse La Raye Infant school to encourage the love of reading and improve comprehension skills.  The principal recited the special song used to encourage reading.

“Oh, how I love reading. Oh, how I love reading. Oh, how I love reading because it’s good for me.” “We’ve gotten the childrens books, we’ve had them begin to read and as long as they hear the bell they know that it’s time to get into their seats, select a book and begin to read and they’ve enjoyed it, they’re read so many books.”

With the challenges faced by the Covid-19 pandemic and the negative effects on both students and teachers, the Anse La Raye Infant schools have added innovation to make learning fun, engaging, and creative for its students. – Glen Simon

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