SLFA Rolls Out Upgraded Coaching Courses

A few top officials at the St. Lucia Football Association [SLFA] Inc. will be in line to upgrade their coaching skills after completion of ongoing respective training courses.

According to the SLFA, the final assessment for participants involved in the C and B Licence Coaching Course that began last October is on. The practical sessions were due to be held from January 20 to 21 at the St. Lucia Sports Academy.

Male and female athletes from the St. Lucia Sports Academy were utilized for the exercise.

FIFA’s Technical Development Officer, Lenny Lake conducted an assessment of the participants, which included SLFA officials Ces Podd, Emmanuel Bellas and Solomon Alexander in the B Licence Coaching Course.  Subsequently, 13 participants will be assessed in the C Licence Coaching Course by facilitators Bellas, Podd and Solomon.

Meanwhile, the SLFA Inc. is scheduled to stage its second Concacaf C Licence Course for 15 fully vaccinated individuals from Leagues who have met criteria requirements as outlined by the organisation.

The theoretical and practical component of the Course is due to run from Saturday 22nd January – to Tuesday 25th at the SLFA Inc. Conference Room in La Clery.

The Final Assessment and Presentation of Logbooks will be undertaken at a later date, approximately 8 – 12 weeks following the completion of the latter Course.

The Course facilitators will include – Lenny Lake FIFA’s Technical Development Officer, Ces Podd, Emmanuel Bellas and Solomon Alexander

Some of the topics down for discussion will include;

  • Match Observation Analysis
  • Principles of the Game
  • Session Planning and Delivery
  • Leadership – leading self, Leading others
  • Football Environment
  • Coach Educator
  • Practice Coaching Transition
  • Game Management and Coaching

The preliminary list of Applicants is as follows:

Name of Coach  |  Name of Club or League

1. Dwight Francis – St. Lucia Sports Academy

2. Brenton Edward – Mabouya Valley Football League

3. Darren Gaspard – Gros Islet Football League

4. Curtis Paul – Roseau Valley Football League

5. Tennyson Denver Edmunds – South Castries Football League

6. Jeff Emmanuel – Uptown Rebels Sports Club

7. Nehemiah St. Jean – Soufriere Football League

8. Manaseth Edward – Marchand Football League

9. Miran Joseph – Northern United All Stars

10. Carson Miller – Castries Football Council

11.  Liam Francis – Challengers Sports and Cultural Club

12 Ryan Desir – Castries Football Council

13. Dillan Thomas – Monchy United Football Club

14. John Sealy – Saint Lucia Football Association Inc.

15. Terrance Keith Caroo – Saint Lucia Football Association Inc.

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