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The Perfect ‘Lucian’: Go with the flow and don’t disturb the Status Quo

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THERE is a common trend of behaviour that seems to be what categorizes us as ‘Lucians’. We frequently agree to disagree; most people seem or claim to know the problems of state, but few choose to participate in the search for solutions.

Those who should know better abstain from expressing their opinions, maybe because of our religious beliefs and upbringing, but we clearly know the difference between good and bad, honesty or dishonesty. Yet we frequently choose to go with the flow, try not to disturb the status quo.

There are several subjects that need to be examined to determine if the modules or methods used will or can bring solutions to some existing problems that most of us are usually concerned about.

One such subject is criminality, is the system doing enough to quell the rise in crime, or is it acceptable that what is, should be tolerated, because better can’t be done.

Another subject that bothers me is governance — how we accept the behaviour of those in charge, giving them full dominion over our lives and not putting stopgaps to curtail some of their economic manoeuvrings.

Those who are labelled as criminals at the bottom of the social scale — there is a constant shout to make examples of them, jail them, or get rid of them by any means. But if in contrast, we are alerted to certain improprieties at the top level, we seem to favour sweeping it under the table.

From childhood I was taught that whether you stole two spoons of sugar, or robbed a bank or in today’s times, or a country’s wealth or resources, all are theft committed by thieves. Sadly enough, though, only one kind of thief or criminal usually gets apprehended, while the big-shots and high-rollers go unnoticed.

Supporters of criminals in high places are enablers, as once their bread is buttered, they care not if the plate alongside is empty. Some trade in millions, get access to deals that they alone profit or benefit from, some profit from rubbing shoulders with people they know are crooked. It seems to me that white collar crime is permissible, but if you are the grassroots, your rightful place is to be trampled upon. Anything that is on the ground is to be walked over, but if it is high-up or done in high places, it is disputable, but not necessarily punishable.

If by chance you become under scrutiny, there are hundreds of legal friends and business associates, as well as friends and supporters, who will be willing to come to your rescue.

Today, being a political candidate can be seen as a lucrative means of acquiring wealth, so if you become a close friend of a politician, you can maybe easily get your share because, as the saying goes, birds of a feather usually flock together. So, if you play your cards right and you belong to the right select club, your future is assured – at least for five years in the first instance.

No wonder so few among us see the wrong that our parties do.

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