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The Electorate Must Judge Administrations by Performance Not Propaganda

By James Edwin

THE election date has been set and as usual, the public is now confronted with the truth, untruth, and reality. It is now left to the electorate to decide for themselves, the true status of St. Lucia five years after making that important decision. As usual, there are persons who are now satisfied, while others are not. No incoming government can expect to cure the ills of their predecessors in one term; hence most citizens always ensure that the first term incumbents are generally given a second term. The electorate must remain savvy and judge every administration by performance and ignore the blatant lies and propaganda. St. Lucia is now emerging from the most devastating economic situation the world has ever encountered in one hundred years, and it is safe to offer kudos to an administration that kept Fair Helen out of the jaws of disaster. For the past 18 months despite all the insurmountable problems, three cruise ships entered port Castries which clearly brought a sense of hope after an 18-month drought, but fortunately the land-based sector for the last six months has produced far more business than anticipated as arrivals have actually surpassed pre-Covid arrivals.

On the other hand, the motorcade witnessed by all St. Lucians last Sunday went down in history as the largest motorcade ever recorded on island. This was an enormous boost to the current administration which regarded the overwhelming participation as a tacit sign of endorsement. Regarding Mr. King’s decision to step away from the UWP at this stage is indeed very sad, but he is a grown man who has unfortunately permitted the wrong individuals to distract him, but unfortunately, he is neither the first nor the last to operate this way. The nonsense being uttered by the SLP and now being endorsed by Mr. King about placing people first is so very false. Which administration has created more employment and improved infrastructure of St. Lucia more than the UWP? Another disturbing allegation is the fact that the UWP is not what it used to be. The world at large is based on change and by this we refer to the areas which once grasped our attention. The opening of a standpipe, a playground, or a footpath to put it mildly. St. Lucia has now changed and today what we witness are long term adjustments e.g. the creation of the John Compton Dam, the creation of a magnificent Marina, the creation of the Tunnel Highway, the creation of Water Treatment Plants at Dennery North and South, the creation of the Grace Water Plant providing four million gallons of water per day more for the south, the construction of an international world class terminal, world class hospital, six international football fields, the elevation of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to university level and these are the areas which need to ne focused upon. To confirm how the world has changed we have all witnessed climate change, so when some of us question the philosophy of change, we must sit back and reflect upon the direction the world is heading.

Fifteen years ago, St. Lucia like all other small island states grappled with unemployment issues, but the hospitality industry which has grown by leaps and bounds employs some fifteen thousand persons and another two thousand are employed aboard cruise ships, these are the relevant changes, and which brings growth and improvement to the living standards of many St. Lucians.

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