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Our Creator’s Will Is Done!

“Democracy is not prescribed in the Bible, and Christians can and do live under other political systems. But Christians can hardly fail to love democracy, because of all systems it best assures human dignity, the essence of our creation in God’s image.” Charles W. Colson

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It is a great time to be alive; this is a time when our Creator is on a mission to set his people on a path to righteousness, and for all who will hearken to his voice, they will have a Miracle working experience. It is time for us to be still and let Yahweh take charge.

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for all people of Faith. Our prayers caused Yahweh to intervene and granted the people of Saint Lucia a victory in keeping with the desires of their hearts. We place Honourable, Philip Joseph Pierre, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and his Cabinet of Ministers in the protective care of Yahweh, that they will govern in righteousness so that their every action will bring honour and glory to his name.

Fear of the CREATOR is the beginning of all wisdom. We must return to Bible Believing/Christian Principles that governed our actions. There should be a Biblical standard for all to strive for, but instead, some of our leaders are bent on breaking down established standards that worked in the past. However, if those standards are reintroduced, they will work for us today and in the future if the leaders are respectful of the higher power. We must return to Biblical Values. The Bible teachings exhort believers to seek first the kingdom of the Creator and his righteousness, and everything else will be added on.

I have no doubt in my mind that Yahweh not only hears the prayers of Saint Lucians – he answers them. There could have been no other intervention that gave us a SLP victory in the recent elections. Only a few persons saw it coming in such a resounding fashion. In last week’s column, I predicted that 1) The new Government will have a two-thirds majority in the house, 2. The youth will push the winning party over the finishing line, and 3. The two Independent Candidates in Castries were likely to emerge victorious. Many political pundits were far off of reality. Maybe, after running two campaigns in Guyana, I should have been able to make a few bold predictions.

I feel the urge to make this point. The time has come for us to get back to biblical basics and redirect the path of the nation to a gentler, kinder and more spiritual life. Our people must once again submit themselves to biblical principles, when we will begin to honour and respect our Creator, and as a result, we will honour and respect our brothers and sisters. There has been a falling away from religious activities.

Church membership is dropping at a staggering rate; mostly women are now in congregations. Only a few children attend Sunday services. In times past, the family went to church. Let us get our spiritual house in order, and all will be well with our souls. I am well aware that there has been new thinking as it relates to principles of the Bible but one thing is certain that the fundamental principles of the Bible have served us well. We must believe and look up to a supreme being that has authority over us.

One of the priority areas for this new Government should be tackling crime. Crime is on the increase. What standards do we employ to have persons deviate from crime? The Ten Commandments in the Bible point to how we should conduct ourselves in this life. In today’s world, persons have gotten brave and no longer suffer from fear of Yahweh. We have noted recently in the U. S. A. that even persons who claim to be Evangelicals have attacked Capitol Hill and sought to hang Vice President Pence. What is happening in our world? How much worse can the situation get? These are the acts of men that tell me that Yahweh is currently re-establishing his presence on earth, and selecting men and women who fear him to execute the task of letting his people go, so that they can enjoy what has been prepared for them – abundant living.

To all the persons of Faith including those who have the gift of PRAYER and are called to pray, aka as Prayer Warriors, their work has just begun. We are called in this present time to pray without ceasing. I invite you to visit my Facebook Group “The Bible Challenge” which was launched on August 21, 2016, and join members in prayer and reading of the Holy Scriptures.

Let us continue to give thanks, and pray that the new government will serve Yahweh’s people in a manner that will bring glory and honour to his name.

Stay safe!

Edward Harris

Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant

Email: eaharrisdestiny@gmail.com

Website: https://stluciagreatpropertydeals.com

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  1. Mr. Harris, understand well that ever since Cain and Abel, human society have always spun around two cycles a time of righteousness and a time of “ Sodomic” wickedness.

    During the dispensation of righteousness , man and nature have been shown to co- exist in harmony.

    Conversely, crime, violence, bloodshed sorrow, woe, lamentation and abject suffering flagellate the generation of people caught in this dispensation of devils.

    This, brother Harris, seems to be the destiny of man on earth and the cycle we are in today.

    In St.Lucia, we remember well the days when our souls were held in the conservatorship of GOD.

    The church ( Catholic, Adventist, Jehovah Witness and others) directed the rituals that kept us tethered to the Ten Commandments and to the morality that caused us to love and respect each other.

    In those days ,we lived like Adam and Eve; in natural symbiosis with every mango and breadfruit tree. We took just enough bamboo and branche coco to build a modest hut.

    Everybody lived in cai-en-pie or adan-en to-cai planche ec zaysate. We assembled the building materials and gave coude-mei to build it. All that was required was the help of helpful neighbors and friends dombway and calaloo, rum and kutoomba

    So there was no need for the kind of greed and covetousness that seized the generation that emerged into the cai mason and bank mortgage loan dispensation

    If you listen around the market or among the men and women who withdrew from the soul enhancing arms of the. church you would perceive the presence of the new godfather of the people. It is the bank.

    You hear them say – Banq-la pas-ca joie pour l’argent-ei – as they secure the bank’s money by whatever means necessary.

    The bank has become the people’s new God and all of the obeisance that used to be paid to the religious GOD is by proxy, deposited in the soul-less hands of the bank

    As the merciless banks played upon the greed, envy and covetousness of the people, they quickly discarded the maxims of economic stability taught by our elders-

    – pas pan chapea-ou cotay le-main-ou pas sa wevay-

    and they went willingly into the slavery of materialism and capitalism.

    The bank does not keep any boite les-ame, all it wants is its money and on time. And here, began the kind of moral tsunami that now rolls over today’s generation.

    But what kind of intervention is comprehensive enough to treat a generation of people hooked on materialism;

    a generation of people who repudiate their fathers’ principles of moral ethics and adopt strange ways that threaten the economic, health and societal stability of their community?

    We have learned, I’m so many instances, that you can bring the donkey to the water but you cannot make it drink

    Somehow, this recalcitrant generation must be led to see how vulnerable
    they are to self annihilation; villages emptied of young people from the onslaught of crime and violence.

    they must come to understand how they feature in the future well-being of the island and must be given the prerogative to direct their own paths to righteousness.

    Furthermore, an aggressive effort must be made to restructure the schooling (education, home and community culture) ;safeguard the children from pre-school to adolescence from juvenile delinquency

    Take a few steps back into the old days and pick up the celebrations of rites of passage that were taken from the children – baptism, first communion, confirmation, etc

    Let St.Lucians rejuvenate every home, community; village-to-village returning the knowledge of GOD to foster respect, compassion and kindness as before.

    This dispensation of wickedness can be short lived if we know how to renew our minds towards righteousness and kindness.

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