Meet the New, Upgraded Fond Doux Resort

AFTER months of hard work in preparing for the winter season, the dedicated team at Fond Doux Resort in St. Lucia invites visitors to explore upgrades to their digital capabilities as well as their physical plant.

The new and improved Fond Doux branded website was officially launched on October 1st, 2020. It features a new logo that has been designed to capture the true essence of Fond Doux and to prominently position the resort’s unique ecotourism features as a major selling point.

The website offers the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved features to help users navigate the site quickly and easily to see the full portfolio of unique services that Fond Doux offers. Content has been reorganized into new categories to expand product information and facilitate greater awareness and transparency. Users are better able to locate valuable information about the resort, health and safety protocols and special promotions.

“Our primary goal in the redesign of our logo and website was to create a more appealing and engaging user experience, across all platforms and devices to accommodate all potential customers. We recognize the need to keep users up to date on new developments and announcements about our property and the destination. With this new site, users are always just one click away from accessing useful and pertinent information on their terms, to make the best travel decisions,” said Eroline Lamontagne, property owner.

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