SLNCA Under-19 Wheels In Motion For 2021

THE Saint Lucia National Cricket Association (SLNCA) wheels are in motion well ahead of the 2021 cricket season. On Sunday 11th October, the association held a whole day drills and evaluation activity for 71 young aspiring Under 19 cricketers to include national youth players from around Saint Lucia ranging from as young as 12 years old. The event took place at the Daren Sammy Cricket Grounds (DSCG).

Standard health protocols were in place including wearing of masks and temperature checking.

Image: Flashback!! Some of Saint Lucia’s finest Under 19 cricketers in action at the DSCG. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)
Flashback!! Some of Saint Lucia’s finest Under 19 cricketers in action at the DSCG. (PHOTO: Anthony De Beauville)

The one day Fiesta was geared towards development of Saint Lucia Under-19 players and part of preparational activities for 2021 selection.

According to SLNCA President, Carol Henry, “Having been scheduled for Mindoo Phillip Park (MPP) for the previous day, (Saturday 10th), the activity was postponed and moved to the DSCG as a result of weather factors”.

Carol disclosed, “Also in attendance were SLNCA National officials/ panel of selectors: Greg Avril, Keith Charlery, Warne Augustin and Clivus Jules; certified coaches including Alton Crafton of Northern Cluster Grass Roots and Ministry of Youth and Sports, John Eugene of John Eugene Academy, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Regional WICBC Under 15 Coach, David Oliver of Dennery Cricket Coaching Programme and Germaine Alexander, Fitness Instructor with Cricket Coaching background; some parents of the young trainees and SLNCA Board members, Esther Theophane, Roseline Preville”.

Carol continued, “The proceedings got underway at approximately 9.30 a.m. with addresses to the youth players who were then broken up into groups. The coaches then led the warm ups and drills in high catching, fielding, throwing and wicket keeping, bowling and batting while the Selectors made their observations for evaluation and for sorting the players into six balanced teams to play 40 over practice matches this coming weekend (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th) at the MPP, Gros Islet playing field and the DSCG”.

The SLNCA Chief said, “There were many quite impressive displays of high skill and competency levels as the young players went through their various drills and this augurs well for the future”.

The SLNCA President took the time out to thank the following sponsors: National Lotteries Authority, the Sandals Group and Evergreen Passenger Transport Limited for making the Fiesta possible.

He also thanked all the players who turned out and identified as eligible for selection in 2021, the parents who showed up in support and the officials for the successful completion of our evaluation exercise.

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