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Man Who Insulted Prime Minister Allen Chastanet Still In Police Custody

Local authorities are still undecided whether to charge a man who used social media to curse and threaten Prime Minister Allen Chastanet earlier this week.

The 27 seconds video which featured the man wearing a red bandana covering most of his face and wearing large coloured sunglasses with polarized lens and a beige looking piece of clothing covering his forehead and top of head, was graphic from start to finish in the language he used.

The man in that video was explicit in the profane and obscene language he used to describe the prime minister, even going as far as to threaten Chastanet.

The man is presently in police custody but has yet to be charged.

It is unclear whether he will be charged since he has been said to have apologized to the prime minister. His order of arrest was issued by National Security Minister Hermangild Francis after a complaint was made to him according to information reaching us, which we have been unable to verify prior to publication.

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  1. A strong message must be sent: irrespective of who was threatened, be it me, a family member
    a stranger or whoever. No country should tolerate such idiotic behavior. Already we are too soft
    on criminals, if we let this one slip through the Legal cracks, we may one day live to regret it. So
    a Jail sentence is in order. That’s why I’ve always advocated for a good whip ass for such idiots.

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