INTER SECONDARY SCHOOL SPORTS QUALIFIER: Vieux Fort, Beanfield Comprehensive & Micoud Secondary Dominate Day One

VIEUX Fort Comprehensive, Beanfield Comprehensive and Micoud Secondary School took top honours on Day one of the Inter Secondary Schools track and field Southern Zone qualifier held at the George Odlum Stadium on Thursday 12th March 2020.

Under the scorching sun, close to 530 registered athletes from 12 secondary schools battled it out in 47 events in four age categories Under 14, 16, 18 and 20.

Talking about the scorching sun, a number of students collapsed after crossing the finishing line, they were stretched/ carried away for medical attention by the Saint Lucia Red Cross Society crew who was on hand together with personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service.

The VOICE spoke to the Director for Sports in the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, Patrick Mathurin, about the individual performances by the athletes and the level of discipline displayed after the curtains came down on Day one.

This is what he had to say.

“The day went relatively well: we are into the second round of the qualifiers, all the schools that registered showed up for the showpiece, and in total we had 530 athletes”.

“We were able to go through all the events in good time, and it augurs well for what we want for athletics in Saint Lucia; we basically started on time and we have ran through the programme given the fact that we had both track and field events, it’s been a good day and the logiscal arrangements we put in place to stay away from the Hospital also worked extremely well”.

In terms of performances, Mathurin said, “We are seeing the usual suspects, Vieux Fort Comprehensive come to the fore in terms of the relays and the other events you could have seen there is a level of competition from the south; there will be quite a number of exciting races and events to look forward to”.

Based on what happened on Day one, not sure what’s going to happen on Day two, the semifinal will really be the test on Wednesday 18th March 2020 at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground (DSCG), but by the time the semifinal is over you would actually start to predict who would win the championship”.

In the area of discipline by the young men and women Mathurin said, “How they conducted themselves, the fact that their teachers were there with them and they were listening and also the measures that we put in place for them to stay away from the Hospital, we had a specific area designated for the athletes and that worked well. We saw the hospital and the sport meet operating from different areas”.

In terms of incidents, Mathurin said, “There was no major incident and from a standpoint of the organizers the event went very well”.

Meanwhile, from the Southern Zone qualifier on Day one, here are some of the names, schools attended, and times of the athletes who have secured a spot for the semifinal round slated for Wednesday 18th March 2020.

Girls Under (U) 14 – 150 metres, Alea McDonald (21.34 secs/ Beanfield Comprehensive), Tanya Etienne (21.53 secs/Piaye Secondary),Dyanna Eugene (21.58 SECS/Choiseul Sec), Shontay St. Rose (21.62 secs Vieux Fort Comprehensive).

Boys U 14 – 150 metres, Heat 1- Ishmael Durand (18.16 secs/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Starkez Flavien (19.25 secs/ Soufriere Comprehensive), CleyonMathurin (19.71 secs/Ange Ger Secondary). Heat 2 – Daniel Alfred (19.55 secs/Choiseul), Ronaldo Serieux (19.70 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Naithan Chicot (20.35 secs/Beanfield Comprehensive).

Boys U14 High Jump – Dinnel Alfred (1.45 metres/ Choiseul), Mickel Joseph (1.35 metres/ Micoud). Girls U14 Long Jump – KirsheemaInce (4.37 metres/ Beanfield Comprehensive), Rihanna Martyr (4.16 metres/ Micoud). Long Jump U14 Boys – Ronaldo Serieux (4.58 metres/Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Lawnell Raymond (4.49 metres/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Wyatt Charlery (4.48 metres / Beanfield Comprehensive).

Girls U14 Shot Putt – Makhaya Smith (7.74 Metres / Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Kayla Norbert (7.46 metres/ Micoud), Rhean Desir (6.66 metres/Vieux Fort Comprehensive.

Girls U16 200 metres – Heat 1 – Lucina Simeon (27.73 secs/ AnseGer Secondary), Tyra Avril (28.13 secs/ Clendon Mason Memorial); Heat 2 – Jahzer Emmanuel (26.72 SECS/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Freegeane Joseph (26.76 secs/Micoud); Heat 3 – Alicia Laurent (26.90 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Cledianna Derose (28.30 secs/Micoud.

Boys U16 200 metres – Heat 1 – Kurshel St.Rose (23.41 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Geneivieve John (24.57 secs/ Choiseul); Heat 2 – Alton Joseph (23.30 secs/ Micoud), Forbes Duplessis (23.80 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive).

Girls U16 High Jump – Tamisha Lennie (1.40 metres/Jon Odlum Secondary), Jenell Justin (1.40 metres/ Beanfield Comprehensive), ClediannaDerose (1.35 metres/ Micoud).

Girls U18 – 200 metres – Heat 1 – Nikole Farrel 27.38 secs/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Annia Henry (27.49 secs/ Beanfield Comprehensive). Boys U18 – 200 metres – Heat 1 –Deshawn Fanis (23.74 secs/ Choiseul), Nelvin Euristhee (23.94 secs/Micoud, Elva Riquelme (24.16 secs/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Jhovi Jn Louis (24.45 secs/ Grande Riviere Secondary).

Girls U18 – 800 metres – Heat 1 – Rayina Stephen (2:43.67 secs/Micoud), Giana Hilton (2:52.43 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Kermeger Smith (2:52.63 secs/Anse Ger Secondary). Heat 2 – Cressyana Romany (2:41.73 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive), Mearlynna Martial (2:49.44 secs/Grande Riviere Secondary), Medoria Ephraim (2:56.63 secs/ Beanfield).

Boys U18 – 800 metres – Heat 1 – Steven Octave (2:05.65 secs/ Soufriere Comprehensive), Dorville Ma Farlane (2:13.60 secs/ Micoud), Kemroy Monero (2:22.44 secs/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive).Heat 2 – Irvin John (2:11.49 secs/Choiseul), Kenor Serieux (2:13.43 secs/Micoud), Daniel Alcindor (2:16.10 secs/Vieux Fort Comprehensive).

Boys U18 Long Jump – Larry Wilson(6.17 metres/ Beanfield Comprehensive), Kasimm Deterville (6.14 metres/ Beanfield Comprehensive), Dichege Henry (5.19 metres/ Micoud).

Boys U18 Discus Throw – Hansel Augustin (37.74 metres/ Beanfield Comprehensive), Nevaughn Mitchell (31.64 metres/ Jon Odlum Secondary), Stephen Theophane (29.41 metres/ Soufriere Comprehensive).

Girls U18 Javelin Throw – Calissa Prospere (27.74 metres/ Clendon Mason Memorial), Medoria Ephraim (22.44 metres/ Beanfield Comprehensive), KernischeAuguste (21.78 metres/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive).

Boys U20 Long Jump – Claudell Yarde (5.21 metres/ Jon Odlum Secondary).

Boys U20 Discus Throw – Nigel Cadette (26.83 metres/ Soufriere Comprehensive), Dante Jn Marie (24.89 metres/ Vieux Fort Comprehensive), David Joseph (22.70 metres/ Jon Odlum Secondary), Akim Hippolyte (16.33 metres/Jon Odlum Secondary).

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