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Pranciana Regis – A Sandals Over the Water Bungalow Diamond Star

Image of Pranciana Princy Regis

A ‘gem’ from Dennery has been lighting up the experience of guests who book at the exclusive Over-The-Water Bungalows (OWB) at Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa and Beach Resort.

Image: Pranciana “Princy” Regis, the Diamond Team Member for the month of July from Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa & Beach Resort.
Pranciana “Princy” Regis, the Diamond Team Member for the month of July from Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa & Beach Resort.

Pranciana Regis has distinguished herself as the Diamond Team Member for July 2019, and it’s no surprise to her colleagues who always admire the energy this single parent of an eight-year old boy brings to her job, even after the long daily trek from Dennery.

Pranciana’s supervisor Galair Michelle Charlery feels that her past experience in farming helps Pranciana greatly with her present occupation in hospitality. “It is such a pleasure to work with someone who understands what it means to be punctual all the time; but more than that, Pranciana is a hard worker who has kept regular attendance. Pranciana joined the team in April 2017 and has continuously performed very well in every area to which she is assigned. She started out as the Runner (linen controller/public area attendant) and there has never been another team member to perform these tasks as consistently. She takes extreme pride in her work and works very well with little or no supervision. What truly makes her stand out is her ability to make decisions on her own which are to the benefit of the department.”

However Pranciana’s greatest quality is her team spirit. She is very helpful and is never hesitant to assist wherever it may be, to ensure complete guest satisfaction. Whenever there is a shortfall in staff, she comes to the rescue of the department. “This young lady will perform her duties at the OWB and then move on to the blocks to service more rooms if that is what is required.”

According to Galair Michelle Charlery, “I enjoy working with Pranciana as she is a circle of joy. She knows how to make everyone laugh and always has a smile on her face. Pranciana never complains about any task given and is always in compliance with the company’s expectations. Over the last few months she has worked on her communication skills and I am pleased to say that I have seen a huge improvement in this area. She has matured and I see no reason why she cannot become a supervisor one day. “Princy” as we call her is not only an asset to the OWB; she is an asset to the entire housekeeping team at Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa & Beach Resort. This young lady is a true representation of full hundred service.”

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