Winds of Change for Sporting Associations

Image: (L-R) Emmanuel Nantan, Dr Kishone Swallow, Dwain Gill, Julian Charles and Patrick Felix. (PHOTO: CWI/ Anthony De Beauville)

All eyes will be on Saint Lucia when the Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control (WICBC) meet at Harmony Suites in Rodney Bay this weekend (Saturday 25th- Sunday 26th May 2019).

A top agenda item will be the election of officers.

Image: (L-R) Emmanuel Nantan, Dr Kishone Swallow, Dwain Gill, Julian Charles and Patrick Felix. (PHOTO: CWI/ Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Emmanuel Nantan, Dr Kishone Swallow, Dwain Gill, Julian Charles and Patrick Felix. (PHOTO: CWI/ Anthony De Beauville)

Like Cricket West Indies (CWI) recent elections held in Jamaica, the two keenly contested positions are most likely to be the Presidency and Vice-Presidency.

Dominican Emmanuel Nanthan, who was booted out as CWI Vice-President along with President Dave Cameron, has led the Windward Island Cricket Board of Control (WICBC) since 2008.

Nanthan serves alongside Julian Charles of Saint Lucia. Charles has been President of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association (SLNCA) from 2009 when he replaced Brian Calixte. By all reports, an election is also due in Saint Lucia some time in November, 2019.

Challenging the top spots are Dr. Kishore Shallow of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Dwain Gill of Grenada.

Dr.Kishone Shallow was recently elected vice-president of CWI. He previously served as a CWI director after he was given an 8-4 nod of approval when he and incumbent Emmanuel Nathan squared off for the post at the Jamaica Pegasus.

Dwain Gill is the president of the Grenada Cricket Association (GCA). He was re-elected to head the GCA in November 2018, and is a qualified West Indies Cricket Board Level Two Coach. He has also served as Video Analyst for the West Indies Under -19 team as well as coach of the Windward Islands Under-15 team. He has coached Grenada teams at all levels.

Each of the four territorial boards is entitled to send two electors to this weekend’s all important election and based on the constitution each territory has two votes. The president also has a casting vote in the event of a stalemate, which may well see Nantan returning to office.

The VOICE spoke to President of the SLNCA, Julian Charles, on Tuesday 14th May regarding this weekend’s election. Charles confirmed that he was seeking re-election and said only Presidents and Vice Presidents are elected for the SLNCA, while other positions are appointed.

Charles and SLNCA Principal Secretary Patrick Felix will be the two Saint Lucians voting on the day.

Currently Patrick Felix is the Windward Islands shareholder representative on the CWI Board.

In trying to get the casting vote issue cleared up in the event of a stalemate, Charles said, “There appears to be an issue as to whether that casting vote exists before the President is elected to the position”.

In more election news, the Anse La Raye Football League (ALRFL) has elected a new executive at its recently held elections, to manage its affairs.

The League was forced to call early selections following the resignation of a number of key executive members.

Following the annual general meeting, the new executive is as follows: President – Sommers Augustin; First Vice President – Primus Robinson; Second Vice President – Akiva Clement; Secretary – ChiskaChicot; Assistant Secretary – Samita Gabriel; Treasurer – Tony Desauza and Public Relations Officer – John Smith.

Meanwhile, the Youth Forum organized by the Babonneau Youth and Sports Council (BYASC) on Saturday 18th May 2019 culminated with a constitutionally overdue biennial election for the organization’s seven executive posts.

The new executive is as follows: President – Junior Delice; 1st Vice President – Amarae Arthur; 2nd Vice President – Sherwin Alexander; General Secretary – Neil Francis (Unopposed); Public Relations Officer – Desi-Ann Clement; Treasurer – Naila Marius (Unopposed); Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Kayana John (Unopposed).

Also at the weekend, the Laborie Youth and Sports Council elected a new executive: President – Jenny ChicotLouisy; Vice President – Asa Joseph; Secretary – Manda Simon; Assistant Secretary – Sherri Charles; Treasurer – Tedley Cotter; Assistant Treasurer: Carina Snagg and  Public Relations Officer: KaysiaVerneuil

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