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Senator Fortuna Belrose Welcomes Cabinet Shuffle

Image of Senator Fortuna Belrose, Minister in the Ministry of Culture
Image of Senator Fortuna Belrose
Senator Fortuna Belrose

SENATOR Fortuna Belrose has welcomed a recent cabinet shuffle in which she was made Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Information, Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries with responsibility for Culture and the Creative Industries.

Belrose was formerly Minister within the Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government.

“The shuffle is basically reinforcing government’s point with respect to strengthening our culture and creative industries to ensure that we can realise greater benefits from it,” she told reporters Tuesday.

“What the government has done is to reposition the Ministry of Culture within the Ministry of Tourism to ensure that we get greater benefits or greater access, support and resources to enable us to effectively deliver on our mandate,“ the minister stated.

“For me, as a Saint Lucian, I think I welcome this initiative and I am sure that the people in the creative industries will be heartened,” Belrose asserted.

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