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Grand Jury Convenes To Hear Evidence Against Amber Guyger

Image of Amber Guyger’s mugshot (KAUFMAN COUNTY JAIL)

(WFAA) DALLAS — A grand jury will convene Monday to hear evidence in the case against former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, who shot and killed 26-year-old Botham Jean at his South Side Flats apartment in early September.

Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge on Sept. 9, three days after the shooting. And after more than two weeks of protests calling for her termination, Guyger was fired from the Dallas Police Department on Sept. 24.

Image of Amber Guyger’s mugshot (KAUFMAN COUNTY JAIL)
Amber Guyger’s mugshot (KAUFMAN COUNTY JAIL)

It’s still unclear exactly what happened the night Guyger shot Jean, who lived in the apartment a floor above the 26-year-old accountant.

Guyger told authorities she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own after she parked on the wrong garage level at their complex and worked a more than 13-hour shift. Once at the unit, she said she thought Jean was an intruder and fired her weapon.

Sunday, Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, talked with WFAA about her struggles to find answers.

”You see, the one person who cannot speak is Botham,” she said. “He’s the one that I would have depended on for the answers.”

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