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Education Ministry disappointed with teachers’ attendance at professional Development sessions

By VOICE Reporter

Those absent told they need to provide Excuse Letters — or else!

Image of empty seats
Photo by Nathan Dumlao

IN a letter addressed to Education Officers of all eight districts, as well as to Principals of all primary and secondary Schools on the island, the Education Department of the Ministry of Education has lamented what it called ‘the many un-excused absentees’ over the two-day period by teachers across the island.

The above-mentioned Professional Development Sessions were held for teachers across the island over a two day period October 18th and October 19th. But soon after, the Education Department expressed its gratitude to the addressed “for your role in ensuring the success of the Professional Development Sessions” held last month.

It warned, however, that the high number of teachers absent without excuse is not a slight that will be tolerated.

In the missive, obtained by The VOICE, the Education Department stated that given the national nature of this “teacher development activity… It was expected that teachers would be in attendance.”

However, “our records show that many teachers were absent without permission,” the letter reads.

Teachers were then warned that “This is a serious cause for concern to the Department of Education and will not be tolerated, as this activity was a department mandate.”

The letter, signed by Chief Education Officer Rufina Charles, was book-ended with this mandate: That “all teachers who were absent at any of the two day… Professional Development activities are required to formally provide a letter detailing to the Chief Education Officer, through the District Education Officer, the reason for the absence…”

This requested letter, the missive stated, can be handed in “no later than Friday, November 14, 2018.”

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