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Saint Lucian Youths Urged To Study Medicine In Cuba

CONSIDERING the constant requests of young people interested in opportunities to study medical careers in Cuba – world-renowned in the field of health — the demand for doctors in the Caribbean and Latin American and with the capacities of 13 universities of medical sciences, it is part of the economic and social policy of the Cuban Revolution to train doctors for their deployment in Cuba and the world.

Therefore, Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. invites all those interested in studying medicine or dentistry in Cuba and who are certified to have passed pre-university studies (“A” Level passes and/or at least 5 “O” Level passes in relevant subjects) to evaluate the opportunity to apply for medical careers being offered only and exceptionally for the course beginning in 2017-2018 at a total cost of US$55,000 in payment of all academic services for the next 6 years. This tuition cost can be split in three payments during the course.

In the case of stomatology (Dentistry), the course would cost US$50,000 with a duration of 5 years under the same conditions.

The enrollment period will be closed on September 11 this year. Contact us at:

The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia–Cuba) hopes that all qualified and interested Saint Lucian youths take advantage of this excellent opportunity. Any queries can be directed at the HSA or at the Embassy of Cuba.

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