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Mayor’s Office Launches New Website

Image of Mayor Peterson Francis [PHOTO: Rochelle Gonzales]

A notable was achieved when the Office of the Mayor of Castries launched its brand-new website as part of the institution’s 50th anniversary.

As of Wednesday, the general public, anyone wishing to get information about the city can do so by logging onto at

The aim of the website is to improve the level of services offered by the Mayor’s Office to the public as well as to keep the masses in the know about the duties and tasks of the OTM.

It also forms part of the thrust to continue the work carried out by the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) as well as continue the OTM’s rebranding process, tapping into innovation and reaching out to the rest of the world.

Endorsing the website was Councillor Ashelle Weekes, who said she thinks this is a step in the right direction for the CCC and the OTM.

Weekes said: “In today’s world where technology and social media mould our lives, it seems that’s the obvious next step. Everything is online. Most of government’s departments can be accessed through online means. The CCC is not a secret organisation, so we want to ensure that the St. Lucian people — those who reside locally, regionally and internationally — are aware of what this organisation is all about and what services are available.”

The website will also be accessible via social media sites Facebook and Instagram.

Under the new Mayor, Peterson Francis, a network administrator has been hired to ensure that the site will be kept up-to-date as well as smoothly maintained. Francis said the site will provide information on mayors past and present in a way that is welcoming and user-friendly.

“As a city, we are always striving to set new standards and strive for excellence and we look forward to continuing to build Castries together,” he said. “It features more than six web pages and close to 10,000 words were written to make the site easier to understand and navigate.”

He continued: “The new website will showcase a solid design, branding and visual identity for the city of Castries. We have the language content and throughout the site has been written in a more welcoming human tone.”

“I will let the cat out of the bag and announce confirmation of a partnership with the Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and Public Service on its island-wide network project,” Francis added. “That partnership will receive free Wi-Fi at the Castries Central Market, Craft Market, Vendors Arcade, Constitution Park, Serenity Park and Derek Walcott Square.”

The launch took place at the OTM with various members of the CCC and the local media in attendance.

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